Nothing`s going on (Part 6)...

I love colors! The more, the better. The more it looks like I am on a mushroom trip, the better (psychedelic!) I use the color mixboards in whatever program I use. Right now I am using Sony Vegas Pro video editing software. It is OKAY for now. Since I do not have my beloved Mac by my side right now. I hate Windows computers. My videos on YouTube (or my "art") shows you how much I hate Windows. "Hate" is a strong word, I know...but...I can`t explain it any other way, sorry!

Here I am editing one of my videos. I was singing karaoke in this video. I sing almost everything. But my favorite music is soul, RnB, jazz, blues. The old classics. Amy Winehouse was a great singer in our time. Janis Joplin was the BEST singer (my opinion), but not in our time. Although she`s timeless. So, my conclusion is; the best singers and the best music was back in the day. In the 60-70`s. Very little has happened since, I feel. Most singers (GREAT singers!) try their hardest to copy the ones back in the 60-70`s. I feel that was the era when music was "born"...I am just being weird....

Weird video:

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