I am not a fan of boring things

That`s right! I don`t watch TV because it`s...


I don`t learn to drive a car (Anymore! Not ever again!) because it`s....


And scary as hell. I thought I was going to freaking DIE when I hit the road in 2009, because "We all need a driver`s licence, if not, you`re a total loser!" 

I decided not to drive. So, I put that dream on the shelf forever. And just became green, collaborated with other green people -  and either walked or found an old bike (that I would paint yellow!) and just bike like a crazy manic, wearing a yellow "Fjallreven" backpack and be freaking hip and cool. And join the green party. 

- Until I realized that joining the green party was....


But not really. I was at the time BORED! I denied to hang with people at the green party, not even for a dinner (or a cup of green tea) just to talk about...KINDA BORING TOPICS...which to my SURPRISE were green party topics -  ONLY. 

To my "surprise" that is. I have no real memories of ever being a member of the green party.

All I have is the t-shirt.

And I wore the t-shirt.
But I should rather create a t-shirt with "I am not a fan of boring things" on it.

It was not enjoyable to just pretend to know what they were talking about, while my thought were actually only on my next sushi meal. 

Because sushi is never boring.

Conclusion: I am not a fan of boring things.
I`m sorry that I didn`t come to the meetings. I had my doubts.

The question of the day: So, what do you do when things get too boring, Mali?
You simply just change your so-called reality 😉 Life is just as real as you make it. You are your own boss.

This was not really a political blog post, but I will label it as "Politics" anyway. Just my own personal experiences with politics. And this will not be my last post on this topic. More to come in the future. 

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind, simultaneously.

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