Conspiracy theories...

Conspiracy theories. I don`t believe in it. I used to be interested in some of the theories in the past, but not anymore. It`s just too weird, and if you cannot prove it to me, then it`s impossible for me to care about it. I don`t have time for it. End of story! Hitler proabably went to South America, but that is actually possible (They never found his body!) But that`s not really a conspiracy either, though. It can actually be the truth. 

Here is the Conspiracy Chart (LOL! 👍😁) The ABSOLUTE worst has to be flat-earthers! OMG, omg, OMGOSH! 😂 (Made a song about them once! Will I link it in the end of this blog post? Possibly.)

*Reading something REALLY WEIRD!* WHAT? Some people think that Finland doesn`t exist? Huuh? Let me read more about that one. Okay..."Norway" doesn`t exist either, then (Where I come from).  

Photo from The Irish Times (Great article, by the way.)

And now a video inspired by flat-earthers (Weird, weird, and yes I am a weirdo too, do I care? No. At LEAST I do NOT believe in it. *Please clap on my shoulder!* It is a huge step forward for me, LOL! 😂) But the video is still kinda weird, though. But I was right about one thing; the world became pretty DESPERATE! So, I have to admit; my sixth sense is pretty strong...

Another video that I made while my sixth sense was working itself on overload.
I just KNEW things were going to happen.

I do not feel that it`s a conspiracy theory to say that you "Feel things were going to happen". This is actually something that we all have to some degree. Intuition. I sometimes have to create stuff that align with what I feel in that exact moment. I call it to take inspired action. And that is a good thing.

Let`s take inspired action TODAY! 

It`s crazy but "Finland doesnt exist": 

I also posted something on my other blog today: Be who you are!

Explanation: Yes, I have two blogs. Why? I was trying to create a real website with this blog,
instead of a blog, but I realized that websites are boring. And went back to having two blogs
instead. And it may sound confusing to you, but it`s not confusing to me at all. 😬 
Well, it was at one point, but hey...I will not change this for now. I have one blog for 
YouTube channel 1 and one blog for YouTube channel 2. Once again; NOT confusing to me...
but probably confusing to you. But have a wonderful day wherever you are! 😉

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind, simultaneously.

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