You have no other choice

Decided to be myself 100% and come full circle with my own life purpuse. People laugh at me all the time but I am always the last one laughing. I have many pictures of myself laughing. Just making them was therapy to me.

Things that have helped me...

Decided to write.

Decided to sing. The laughter came so naturally. Decided to blog. Every day I am realizing more and more that the future is not on hold. Decided to be myself because I have no other choice. By doing something that my future self will be proud of. By starting RIGHT NOW!

Which is writing a bestseller book...
Okay, I am just kidding. I am not writing a book any time soon. I am more interested in instantly uploading my content on the world wide web than writing a book for hours. My brain is too visual. I have too see my "art" being manifested via photos or videos. Fast! ASAP! WHERE`S the UPLOAD BUTTON?

Here I was manifesting my life goals. I wrote it down, and now it`s here. I am so proud of myself. And I would like to call myself a manifesting beast! You can do it too. I have a category on my blog called You can do it! . I am serving you some help / love over there, so check it out! To free yourself (mostly from mental slavery! LOL 😂) I believe mental slavery is a very valid and current problem in the world. Bob Marley was NOT crazy for writing all of his hit songs. (Many of them are revolutionary!) Revolutionary /visionary kind of people are the people that I look up to. 

The movie "The Secret" made me want to try manifesting a few years ago. There`s a pressure in society to be successfull doing what everybody else is doing. I just never got it. I`ve never understood the social codes. And I am NOT SUPPOSED TO! If you don`t like what you see - just leave! I am in the process of leaving but it is a constant challenge. I was never an insider anyway. I was in my own world. In my own box. There`s a box, and there`s a box outside of the box...but...I am outside of that other box...over there...I am comfortable here. 

You have to be aligned. With your life purpose. Which to me is helping others (with two or four legs!)

I just found a comfy place for my 3 kittens to sleep at night even though the rest of my family doesn`t appreciate cat-life. The heroic cat-rescuing operation by me was not even welcomed with a friendly tap on my shoulder. NO! "Get them out of the house! They pee everywhere!" were the answers that I got in return.

I could create a cat home any day...

When people told me to "Throw away the bastards!", I didn`t listen. I rescued a younger kitten from the garbage and the cat mother adopted it as her own. Beautiful to see how the universe works.

You can try to copy others, it is your choice. But your soul will always try to refuse this self-destructive behavior. In the end; being yourself is the only choice you are left with IF you want some peace of mind. 

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind, simultaneously.

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