I write what I want and it happens!

Here I was desperately writing down my future life goals with a cheap BIC pen in 2016. It has all started to manifest. 😮

My scripting technique always works. I write down what I want to happen and it happens. Not directly at first, but after a while. I see that more and more on my list of what I want to happen comes into reality. In the beginning you don`t believe in this "shit". "It can never happen, The Law Of Attraction is just fake!" You just write down things you want and just forget about it like you don`t even believe it can happen. But then after a while (to me personally; after a few years had gone by), I found the letter that I had written to "the universe" and almost everything has started to manifest. I wrote "Dear Universe...I now have blah blah blah...Thank you so much for giving this to me. Because I deserve it. Ciao!" Something like that. Like you ALREADY HAVE the things that you want. 

You can try this method too. It is very simple. "I already have the car. I don`t have to ride my electric scooter to work anymore" (Even though you love to!) "But now I have a car, though!" Just daydream! The more you get envolved in your own dreams, the faster it happens. Imagine how it feels to drive your dream car! Just FEEEEL IT! Yeah, I know I sound like a super desperate (American) life coach right now! LOL! 😄 But it does work! ✅

Then after a few weeks / months, you will experience a shift in your life.  Don`t worry about WHEN and HOW things will manifest. You will start to see signs everywhere. And you KNOW when you`re close to your manifestation goals. Your life starts to move into the direction of your goals. But only IF you don`t do anything drastically to stop it from happening! Just be in alignment with what you want to experience. BE what you want to attract! You have to take action, though. Do not sit on your butt eating a sandwich! THIS was the hard part for me, I have to admit (The action part!) Because I have been so lazy! 😴 But then I started to show up into my own life. And then things started to change. It IS really that simple. Not enough people know about this technique and that`s why I decided to write about it.I will write more about this later because it is one of my favorite topics to write about.

Why? Because IT WORKS! I was (and am still from time to time) a lazy person, sitting on my butt drinking coffee all day and it happened to ME! WOW! I decided to quit this crazy lifestyle because I knew there was something MORE out there. I decided to show up into my own life and say "Mali!??? Who the h*ll are you? Why are you sitting on your butt all day? Don`t you want to LIVE? Do you eat to die or eat to live?". This was one of the examples I could bring up right now. I ate noodles all day because I was lazy. And depressed. I had my reasons. But the reasons don`t really matter. I knew I was capable of something more. "Do you want to hide in your tiny apartment? Hide yourself from the world?". "NO! I actually want to create my own universe!", was the answer that came to me while I was sitting there. All alone with my hand in a bag of potato chips (I had just finished my Ramen noodles at that point (Binge-eating!). Had failed at making 100 YouTube videos that only my mother and a few local neighbors had watched. "Only YOU think you`re funny, Mali!" People were looking me up on the internet because they were searching for proof that I am indeed weird. Well, you don`t really have to search too long to know this, though, because I am proud to say that I am the female version of Jim Carrey. So, obviously I wrote down one of my goals further down on my list; to meet Jim through my future circle of colleages/friends. Actually; I don`t care how it happens! And that is actually the best position to put youself in; not knowing anything about how, when, or why things will happen. If you can dream it - you can achieve it. They say you should NEVER reveal one of your goals to people. But what the heck! I am an extreme-dreamer / thinker so I just used this as an example for you to understand that a goal is NEVER to big. Even if this was just a test (meeting Jim!) to see IF the universe listens (It always does!) To see WHERE I will end up, how far I have come along with my future plans, more about the journey than the actual outcome.

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind, simultaneously.

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