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Mali loves...just another category on my blog...and maybe a little rant about what I hate...because there`s a fine line between love and hate.
I LOVE cheetah! And I LOVE weird designs. But I HATE when I don`t finish a photo.
And I never do. This was supposed to be a header. The jacket was NOT supposed to be a part of the header! (OMG!)

Instagram - selfie by me, re-edited in Photoshop. I LOVE cameras and when the look is kinda psychedelic.

So, let me start. Mali loves...

- Vlogging and camera gear. Things to create things WITH! I love effects! Old photo and video effects mixed with futuristic, sometimes psychedelic effects. A hot mess between the 90`s VHS effects and the old 8MM effects. I like the old combined with the new. I love the 70`s era. Janis Joplin saying "It was groovy, man!" I can agree with that, honey. It was groovy. The music was groovy and they did not care..."Does not care"  - could be three beautiful words that sum up my life. BUT!
It is not the truth actually. Because that is superficiality. I care about the things that are most important to me.
 1. My favorite people (Family first! And my iMac....okay, so it is not a person...okay...(okay, God then, because somebody created this AWESOME person that I`m looking at in the mirror every single day.)
 2. Because I wouldn`t be able to  CREATE  if it wasn`t for me showing up every single day
doing what I love, and having my favorite people in my life, and knowing they are okey.

Cake is cake

Yes, this kind of reminds me of an award speech. Maybe it is. (I would say the craziest things, and I`m not even drunk, honey.) Saying crazy things are who we are - in my family. We probably have soul ties to the most famous comedians in the world. So maybe I will receive an award for SOMETHING that I will do in the future. You can manifest the wildest things just by thinking about them. (Thinking about the things that you want to happen in your life ("The Law Of Attraction"), not thinking about them (your family. That`s not what I meant. They don`t always want you to go anywhere...LITERALLY...anywhere in life. Just a few yards and then they demand that you come back for cake (Norwegian cake, can be a great experience, I am not going to judge here. Cake is cake, honey!) and a cup of coffee. Do we have time for this manifestation? I don`t know. It depends on the quality of the conversation we`re having. (And the cake.) Sometimes it is awesome! I once made my mama film me with a handheld camera. (Obviously it was handheld. It was an old handy cam. She needed instructions, and obviously the only instruction you need is "REC". That red button! Then it is show time!) We were singing and having a good time. It was almost like The Euro Vision Song Contest, where I could shine and be the star that I have felt that I have been for so many years. (Ain`t nobody gonna take my light away from me!) But sometimes they change their minds. Where I`m from they tell it like it is. They tell you that you are from The South (Troendelag in Norway. But being from this area don`t define me!) And they tell you that everything that you do is a waste of time "Stop dreaming and get a real job!" while knitting on a pair of socks that they will give away to the salvation army. It felt like someone just stole the cake away from me. But I always snap back (Very important in a situation like this.) "I save the world my way, with style!" While chewing on my last piece of cake. (Chewing on the cake...that cake must be STIFF and dry with other words.)"Mama! stop knitting on your old wool socks and start designing a gown for me instead! Like ASAP! I am so inspired by Meghan Markle right now! Or was her name Marie Antoinette?!"
So if I am going to an award show in the future I know what I`m gonna wear! 

So what have you learned here? Yes, that`s right; Mali loves the camera and Mali loves cake.
The article "Mali loves..." continues below this photo of Janis Joplin, an artist Mali also loves.

Photo: You can never say "Found it on Google" How unprofessional! I found this by TYPING "Janis Joplin" ON Google.
There`s huge difference there. I dislike it 100% whenever I see a blogger saying it was "found on Google" among the other things you find on Google. That`s what we do on Google! Finding things and information. Google is NOT the artist! If you MUST KNOW; Google is owned by The Illuminati! (Okay, let me calm down here with this sip of coffee.) The photograph is by: Barry Feinstein. Another blog published it and I took it from them;

A mix between... / I hate Microsoft!

I love California beach vibes; like Marilyn Monroe on the beach in an old 40`s swimming suit.
I also feel that I share the life purpose and life path with these two women (Janis and can also add a little bit of Marilyn Manson because I do have a wild side!), I could be their eccentric, freaky twin/half sister. I am a hot mess - mixture (a hybride?!) between Janis Joplin and Marilyn Monroe. Just add a little bit of Andy Warhol`s energy. But I am a NERD! So we need to add a little bit of Bill Gate`s operative system (NO! I din`t mean that! We don`t want that! *Error sound* I mean Steve Jobs because I HATE Microsoft, I freakin` HATE Microsoft, useless piece of sh*t!) You can`t edit a video or a music track. The computer shuts down due to all the viruses. (I used to buy them in the early 2000`s. (Not the viruses , the computers. Trust me: You can buy a virus now! And give it to a friend.) It is just a-very-bad-system! I am almost knocking my head in the table right now just by thinking about it. I also feel that I am a computer (so I have a lot to say here! This is my field!.) By the way; the word "computer" is a very bad word. Now, let me call it "device". Oh! Feels a lot better. (The relief..honey...) A device on over-load sometimes, but we all are comput...devices in the end (our brain is a hard drive.) Recently (the past few years (!!) Wow, how the time flies!) I have felt like an old Windows version. Everything has been going slow. Just like Windows 95, but I will be BACK! I will be back to GET MY LIFE! And I`m not looking back on the year 1995. I was even a hotter mess than I am right now. (Mainly because I used to cut my own hair, which I still do to this day, but I KNOW how to cut my own hair now!) Since 95 everything got better, eventually, because this is the year when the future began. "Why did things get better for you Mali?", you may ask. Because I had a friend who had internet. 

I tried to achieve this look last month, but I failed big time! Bleaching my hair is NOT my thing!
I actually have to accept that I am a brunette!
Marilyn Monroe photographed by AndrΓ© de Dienes in 1949.

Red is all you need

You only need a red lipstick. That is what I believe. It is a true winner! Why all the other shades? It gives me a confusion like no other. I love it when it`s simple. I never get out of bed and cake it on anyway. I eat bed...sometimes I get out of the bed. Okay, that is a whole different topic.
A 1951 Revlon ad.

We are creators

Even though I love the old classics I am all over the place. My energy is a hot mess. I actually feel that I am an explosion. I take every era in history and eras that have not been discovered yet (eras in the future) and blow them up at the same time, like fireworks. I hate negativity but kinda love the way
Andy Warhol in general. The way his mind operated. I get him. And I don`t truly get a lot of people. (And they don`t get me either, so we are even. And we are not supposed to get each other.) I do it the same way (without trying to copy. Very important that you never copy others!) Make people ask questions! When they don´t get it, you know you are doing something RIGHT! When people are asking questions about your existence, it`s even better. ("What is he/she doing with their life?") That`s the most popular question people ask me. "I create", is my answer most of the time. It depends on who you`re talking to. Not everybody can handle the truth. People then stare at me like I am some kind of freak. ("Are you NOT having a 9-5 kind of job?" and "Are you an alien?") But we came here to create a life for ourselves, so I guess I get it and you don`t. We are creators. And another saying that I love is: Haters hate, creators CREATE!

Here is a timeless piece of art: The electric chair by Andy Warhol. Negativity? Maybe! the truth about what is going on in society to this very day? YES! It is timeless. And make people ask questions like: Is this really a world we want to live in?
Andy Warhol – Electric Chair, set of Screenprints (1971)

I am not into perfection at all. Mali loves it when it is imperfectly PERFECT! Just the way she feels about herself. (Yes, I know I talk about myself as a third person.) 

Mali a few years ago. Photographed and edited by Mali, herself, while playing a character.
We are all characters in this movie that is playing. The movie called life.

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind. Simultaneously! ;-)

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