Get your ass to work! - Kim Kardashian

So, what does this "super-famous" actress do in her spare time? #irony. Well, she wonders about life itself, walks in nature, stops to look at cows and sheep, even donkies (Yes, people keep donkies as pets in their gardens where this infamous performance-artist lives.😁) - while planning her next move. Creatively. 

"Get your ass up and work! People don`t want to work anymore, nowadays!" - Kim Kardashian.

I agree 100%! Since work is the only way you get somewhere in life. (The people who tried to motivate ME to work back in the day are probably choking on their pizzas right now..."Welcome to reality, it was about TIME!"😂)

BUT!: I also remember how hard I struggled to actually get motivated mentally to just SHOW UP to work back in the day (about 10 years ago? Feels like forever since I worked in a regular job.) So, for that reason, it is not just a simple task to just "Get your ass to work!" for some people.

BUT!: work is the ONLY WAY! We all have to work on something. Even though you think you don`t have to work because you`re filthy rich, then you probably have to work on something else in your life. Nobody`s perfect.  Perhaps you don`t have a regular 9-5 kind of job? (I feel like a salesman right now!) But somebody is going to value what you`re doing on this planet. So that is why I feel it`s important that you SHOW UP in your own life. First and foremost. Then if you`re the kind that love to share what you`re doing?...I feel a song coming right now!

"Don`t you just LOOOOOOVE what you`re doing?"

If you cannot say "YES!" to that question, you are not where you`re supposed to be in your life right now.  But you can be! Find out what you love to do! Then, if you work hard you will ripe the fruits. Ripe the benefits of your hard labour.

IF you KNOW what you`re doing. I don`t know what I`m doing. Just letting the wind take me...Today we had hail.

Without chocolate there`s no show 

So what does this 39 year YOUNG (!!!) and super-famous actress think of Will Smith crashing the Oscars by slapping Chris Rock? 

Well, Society and life can`t handle The Oscars anymore. It`s just too much. People have real lives and real struggles. Regardless of winning Oscars or not. Will did win this year. Did we hear a lot about that? No. Not so important after all. And the presenters with the jokes? The world is fed up by the jokes
about other people. Do we really care about this kind of entertainment? Not really. Just like any other show, we care more about our last chocolate bar that we will eat later. We don`t really care if Kim Kardashian has her red carpet moment and everybody says she steals the show in her neon blue gown. Without the chocolate, there`s NO SHOW. And that has nothing to do with the show. So, finally it all became a joke in my opinion. 

YES! yes! YEEES!

Finally; what I wanted to experience so much, is now just a joke. I though I was a joke. 
No, I didn`t. YOU did! You freakin` did, didn`t you? While I was having my moment, I stole more than just a moment from you, while you were throwing yourself behind the coach when I was on TV. (This was actually something that somebody DID while watching me on that Idol performance of mine. So I didn`t make it up. (Threw themselves behind the coach. More embarrased than I could ever become of myself...kinda weird. DON`T become that embarrassed by OTHER PEOPLE! *Good advice*) Omg, that was a joke, you guys. I should write the jokes down somewhere, I am GOOD at this! I could do jokes at the Oscar`s! Come to my standup show! (It doesn`t exist. Things exist a lot more inside of my head.)

But I once watched the Oscars. Hated it. Didn`t go to school the next day. Pretended to be sick. But I actually think it took a toll on me...all the red carpet moments. How much can a young person take? Says a lot about how my struggles started. My glamour and Hollywood - struggles. Yes, I have struggled ever since I was a young girl whenever somebody else received an Oscar - and not me (I was already struggling with the Euro Song Contest every spring). I just knew I couldn`t say this to the social services. Even though I really felt tempted. Every time they told me that I can`t sit on my butt and "you have to go somewhere so that you are going to be forced to sit on your butt for hours and then smile even though you hate it!", my tiara on my head grew larger and larger until the hand came out. (No, not the middle finger...comon!) I simply did my imaginary exit...

"Talk to the hand! `Cause this face? With the perfectly drawn eyebrows?...can`t handle it....honey!"

In my perfect movie I wanted to add a confident "Hollywood wans me!", but I instantly felt like I let myself down since I hadn`t done anything about this dream - YET! So, I stopped by the shop, grabbed a coke and took the bus back home. The bus is always packed with boring people. I just kept my deep secret that nobody else knew; I wasn`t one of them. At least I kept telling myself that. So, not fitting in anywhere in society actually kind of was my own fault. Because I kept seeing myself in rewind. And this movie only I could understand.

Posing with awards don`t help much...

Oh my God! I want to thank ...JESEEEES! I see Will Smith over there!!! Fresh Prince Of the Bell Air with Jazzy Jeff !!!! Who cares about this shit. I want to hang with them! I wanted so bad to be thrown out by Uncle Phil!

Because how much work did you actually DO today? NOTHING! You sat there on the coach with last night`s pizza. "Get your ass to work!", Kim says. She sounds even angry the way she puts it. Because hasn`t she done so much for this planet by now? 

I will just leave you with these words. I don`t know how she came into the spotlight. But something about the ass. I 100% believe that. 

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