They don`t own me!

Welcome back to my blog after a LONG break from blogging. I almost forgot that I have a blog. Which some people may say is a good thing. "Great Mali! Now you can be like all the other people. Like the rest of us." .....was thinking about it for like five seconds....NAAAAH!

Let me rather explain what is going on inside of my mind right now. 

"Society don`t OWN me!"

- Just a thought that I had five minutes ago. And "Why don`t I write about this on my blog?"

TV don`t own me. Newspapers don`t own me. Breaking news on the world wide web don`t own me. Although I obey orders to some degree. I am not crazy, though. Although I believe the world has gone crazy. I just can`t write about these things here, but I may write a song about it. You can hide so many details in one song. You can be crazy and still pass as normal when you write music. 

(But NOT with songs like this one, Mali! 😵:)

I channeled Notorious BIG and Marilyn Monroe while making this song (all alone in front of the computer, recording and editing at night, probably in my underwear (with some teddybears on or whatever. LOTS OF COFFEE! I feel that my neighbors secretly just wanted me to shut up.) 

I feel like I am being forced (which does not work on me!) to fit into the tiny box that someone else created. Which is the truth. If we don`t fit into it, we are outsiders. 

I don`t want to be inside the tiny box anymore! The box was created by someone ELSE! And I hate EVERYBODY! Okay, that was a joke. But Steve Jobs said it so well...

Life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact: Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you and you can change it, you can influence it, you can build your own things that other people can use.

Once you learn that, you'll never be the same again. 

My "angry at EVERYTHING" - photo that I set as default photo whenever an angry situation occurs.

Conclusion: I want to break free from...EVERYTHING mandatory...and build my OWN THINGS! 

So, who are "They"? Who decide what should be the final public "Story" for us to belive in? Well, they certainly aren`t me. (Wow! The epiphany when you realize you`re not even the boss of your own life! I had this epiphany a few years ago. Hard nut to swallow when you are as stubborn as I am. "Hey! Your creation is f*ing up my creation! Can you please get out of the way? Just to realize that I AM the one that should just get out of my OWN way. Let things just flow naturally. Stop focusing on everything else and rather focus on ME. You do you - I do me!) I didn`t create all these rules that we have to live by. Political correctness and whatnot. So that is why I kind of broke free. (There`s still a lot to do for me, but I am on a personal journey to freedom. By letting go and just let awareness take over.) It all starts with changing how you look at the world.  

I can`t even see. I am blended by how BRIGHT my future looks! That is how you should look at your own life / situation. You may be stuck right now. But the awareness that decided that you should move your head like a second ago (or press that share this article button with all your social media friends like RIGHT NOW! 😛) This awareness has a great plan for you. It is trying to unstuck your psychical body from the invisible chains that YOU created, while you are sitting in that "I am so angry at the world right now!" - position on the coach and complaining about your life and the headlines on the news. Well, go make your OWN headlines. That is my answer to this problem.   

So, I shamelessly just go about my own business without any regrets. Not even this evening`s flipflop soccer session with the local kids bother me too much. But until next time; Note to self: Never play soccer in your flipflops again. 

Just don`t. (Please get the mental pictures! Because I was to lazy to photograph my swollen toes. So if you could just do that, it would be great. 👍 (In my head I am an everlasting "Ronaldo". The Brazilian version. I have not watched soccer since that era. The mid / late nineties - era. With good reason, I feel.)

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind, simultaneously.
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