Mali out of context...

So, what do you do when you have NO TIME to create new content? You fantasy-hire an old friend that you almost never talk to anymore (`cause you have no time to contact anyone anymore!) and force this friend to dig deeply into his film archive for OLD CONTENT that you denied to complete because you acted like a selfish moron every time you collaborated. And then you BEG this poor friend to edit the fottage and send it to you. Completely effortless! Just the begging part was kinda annoying, though! But in the end they usually say "YES!" Because he/she is scared that you will never talk to him/her anymore. (I would never talk to me anymore either, though! LOL! 😁) Lose ME as a FRIEND? WHO WANTS that? When you`re a freaking STAR! #irony 

And then you title the video with your name on it; like..."Mali out of context"...(You credit the poor friend in the description area below the video. You`re not cruel either. You want them to feel good about them collaborating with you, the star! So that they can tell all their other friends (which hate you by the way!) 😜 #irony again. Actually, this part I believe IS true!)

Okay, this was more like "How to lose a friend in one blog article". 

But thanks Kim for helping me out! 😁

You`re welcome to comment - unless it`s too crazy 😵

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