Mali loves headphones!

Yes, that`s right! I am into the really huge ones. And I feel stupid whenever I wear the smaller sizes on the top of my head. It is a sign of lower intelligence! Okay, I`m just kidding! But it IS a sign of weakness. Because the sound is weak. In this blog category I write about what I love because that is what the category is called. "Mali Loves..." Like I am "somebody". Somebody that you should FOLLOW! (Click! Click! Click! on all the social media buttons in the upper right corner and become freaking hypnotized!) Okay, I am going to relax now...and tell you about some of the objects that I love. And yes, the bossa nova song that I made this Christmas is on autoplay. I am completely aware of that. Bossa nova is also one of my favorite things. I especially love to play this genre of music when I do my live streams. Facebook live stream is also a favorite hobby. (Do I need a life? Well, honey...just read this article and when you`re finished, we`ll discuss who needs a life? You or me? Just sayin`!)

(Instagram photo taken with my mobile camera and edited in Photoshop.)

But Christmas is too much for me, I have to be honest with you....

I pretend that it is summer all year! I LOVE to have a HOT Christmas! This year and EVERY YEAR, baby! ;-)

Did I have more to say this time? I don`t think so. Maybe I will come back for more soon!

So, until we "meet" again. Like two energies just merging together as one....

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind. Simultaneously! ;-)

Now, let`s go back to the question; do I need to get a life? Get my sh*t together? What if I told you that I AM THE SH*T!?? And that I am INDEED LIVING! I have no more questions. I am just going to end this awesome blog post today -  with these famous words...

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