Mali Loves: Big dreamers

Welcome to the category that I don`t know what to do about - other than telling you what I LOVE.
(Rather than telling you what I hate because as we all know; there is too much hate in this world.)

For a very long period I was very uninspired. I was NOT creative and I actually almost felt like I hit rock bottom. WHY? Because creativity and inspiration comes in waves. Sometimes the wave is GONE. And out of the blue it suddenly comes back. And sometimes when it hits you, it hits you hard and FAST. Like a tsunami. But I don`t really get so distracted from everyday issues in life because my mind operates as a blank canvas, so that I can create something on it. Even if I went through some difficult times, I just always knew that it was a phase. I am not saying that I always wake up with a smile on my face. What I am saying is; I always wake up with a mindset / an operative system that has a screen with a popup window on it that says: "What are you going to create today?". I have never in my life (not even as a child, and all the problems that comes with being this way) managed to distance myself from my own dream - which is to one day to live a life of total BLISS - doing what I love EVERY DAY - for the rest of my life. Some people may think: "She wants to be a stubborn kid for the rest of her life!". But I say : "Oh yes, if that is what I want, then that is what I want. (It is a good thing to know what you want!) And it would be a lot easier that way. "I am just going to lay on this couch right here! Bring me pizza, woncha? Let`s film a Mukbang video together!" We could (whoever you are, and that would be so much fun, trust me!), but we all came here with a higher purpose in life. And by only laying on that couch "Mukbanging" for our lives we would not even be TRYING to live a life of our highest potential. Not only would you underestimate who you really are as a soul in this life, you would also get really overweight. But I know that there is something called "Feeders". They believe that their highest potential in their lives is to feed their woman or their man into becoming really obese. I always feel like you should support ANY DREAM. As long as you are not hurting yourself or others.

Am I the only one who wants go to Burger King right now? (There is one across from where I live. (Okay, I am sidetracking myself, I am so sorry!)

People may say: "You`re only a dreamer!" But I say...

 So what else have we learned today?

   Mali loves to photoshop herself into motivational photos. To make you feel better about your life (or worse!)

 ✩  Mali loves this modern term called "Mukbang" and she also does believe SHE will NEVER become overweighed because of it. (Just because you will!) Because her higher self told her so.

 ✩  Mali loves to support ANY DREAM, as long as we don`t interfere in someone else`s dream. (This is a good one! If you interfere with my dream it`s over for you! And the whole point of this blog post! Okay, I`m kinda half-kidding here - not. I just don`t like interference. Do you?)

 ✩  Mali loves to talk about her self as a third person. (And repeats her name 100 times per day!) And that is annoying to the reader. Mali is going to stop doing that in future blog posts.

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind. Simultaneously! ;-)

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