The weird videos just keep coming...

Why do I make these weird videos? The answer is very simple: I can`t help myself. This is who I truly am. Videos that include singing and dancing are my favorite videos. I don`t dance in this video. I wish I did, but I will have to do that in my next video ;-) But I will try to give you a preview of my homemade songs that are not finished yet.

I promised myself to never record a weird video ever again. But that is easier said than done. Once a live streamer - always a live streamer. "The Mali Show". I wish it was easier! I wish I could just be average. But I guess we all have a crazy neighbor, right? Oh, won`t you be my neighbor?! That can actually be a great idea for a future video.

...but now; what you have ALL been waiting for...Right?! The still images:

(Okay, maybe this was NOT how it happened. Or was it? Honestly; I don`t remember. Difficult to remember what happens when the REC - button turns red. It`s like a psychedelic trip (without the mushrooms. I only drink tea! WITHOUT mushrooms!)

Video (Don`t get your hopes up! The photos look way cooler, I know!):

I know my blog is weird, and in the beginning you will ask questions like; "What`s wrong (what the h*ell is wrong) with this person?" Believe me; I`ve asked myself this question so many times! But what I`ve come to realize is; (The more you get used to my blog and the way I do things) you start to wonder, and I`m sorry for bragging here): "What the h*ll are the other bloggers doing?" Because that is the first thing I think about when I enter an average and so-called "normal" blog."Why do they want to blog about their living room?" I don`t get it.  - Unless they have a trippy, psychedelic livingroom with unicorn wallpaper. (I would kinda wanna see that!) Bloggers shouldn`t have to be boring. You should want your readers to leave the blog more confused (in a good way) than they were last time they came to visit. You will get that feeling after visiting my freaky and weird blog. YES! That I know - for a fact! (But don`t worry, you`ll never become more confused than me.) But I try not to be so boring. On my blog a LOT is happening, without actually happening at all. It is just ALL in the energy. But I dislike the word "blog". I actually want to call this area that you have just entered a "universe". A "Website" is also a word that sounds and feels weird to me. (Yes, a word can make you feel things. It feels so technical. Or mechanical.)

Do you know what? I`m just going to leave now and grab a cup of coffee. But thank you for visiting my garden. Inside my universe. I always enjoy some company. ;-)

Thank you for being that lost tourist that I had to save from an accidental mushroom trip. When I TOLD YOU that you shouldn`t eat the red mushrooms. But you did it anyway! You didn`t joke when you told me you were a little freaky...(Okay, that was a joke!) Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind. Simultaneously! ;-)

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