Not to know and NOT to care!...

Hello dear friends and frienemies, who (You! that is kinda what I want, though!) are obviously ALSO reading/stalking my blogs every freaking time I post something. I am kinda stuck here. I have no idea what to write about or shoot videos about. But I guess my everyday weird and crazy life. A life that I can make crazy and weird if I allow that to happen to my life. Which I should. Because then I could REALLY HAVE A LIFE of NO REGRETS! YES! (I wonder where this wild and outragious adventure (that goes on in my head ) will lead me to!

I always say that I will do it, but never actually do it. Making videos. It is my passion but, I don`t know what happened.

I am now addicted to Instagram again. That is an on/off addiction that I have. Sometimes I hate it,
sometimes I LOVE IT!The difficult part with Instagram is that if you want to build a following from scratch you have to put yourself out there and be SEEN. That can be a struggle, if you sometimes have a bad day (hairday, in a bad mood and so fourth. Didn`t buy COFFEE and you are just too LAZY to go to the local shop. Because they recognize you there from many years ago on a TV show and they kinda look at you (which is me!) in a weird way (?) or is that just because I am being paranoid that I feel this way? I DON`T KNOW!)

A thing that comes with my MY LIFE PUROSE IS; NOOOT TO KNOW! And NOOOT to CARE!

Recent photo that I photoshopped last night...

 This is what I feel like, so why not show it to you guys. My advice from me to you:

 Be who you are! Be TRUE to yousrelf! Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.
 That you can`t. Because you can!

Now; Instagram again. I am building a following but all they seem to
do is UNFOLLOW for some weird reason. I DON`KNOW WHY!
Would I follow me if I was me? I am me.

I am getting confused you guys. To heal this awkward situation
just click, click....

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