Nothing`s going on part 4 (Here we go again...)

"Here we go again, it`s the same old song, you`re thinkin` you don`t do me like the other ones befooore"(Aretha Franklin, one of my few idols. I don`t have many `cause I`m selective.)


Nothing`s going on part 4...This summer is very hot, and I am forced to not do much. I`m in a very warm country right now. 

Photos from a very hot country 
Here I was trying to take a photo of the ocean...

I know what I`m doing.

The local holiday-beach.

Here I am just looking good.

Nothing interesting is going on so I decided to just make a video about NOTHING. AGAIN!...

And now over to something more normal. Aretha Franklin`s "Here we go again"...I am a Singer. You know; the sewing machine?...but Aretha, honey, she was a ...SINGERRRRR!!...honey. Owkay? (Talking with my hand.)

Until we meet again...
Photo: Somewhere on Pinterest. Was to lazy to do a reversed photo search
to find this photo on Google. (No-one`s perfect.)

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