Easter in Norway, 2022 - is OVER!

Please don`t be so DESPERATE! I WILL POST SOON! OMG!! JESEEES! I see you staring into the computer screen with goldfish eyes, like a goldfish longing to be in the water. I know you need your daily/weekly dose of my weirdness. Because YOU don`t dare to be weird. And filming your neighbors is illegal, you know this. SOMEBODY HAS TO BE CRAZY!

SOMEBODY HAS TO BE STOPPED! Because they are so crazy. You need to TALK about somebody, right. You need to know if your neighbor has the sofa that you bought! (You walk really SLOWLY by their open door and look inside, just really quick! "OH MY GOD! IT IS YELLOW! They have a yellow coach?"

We as humen really don`t do well without gossip. It is a proven fact. So, somebody has to be the ONE!

And I tend to...naturally be "the one"...

Photo: Obviously I am the artist here!

And a chocolate bar...

I will return to write more, eventually, today. So come back to the SAME blog post! Until then...

A few hours have passed and the star is back. Like I told you that I would be! So, how are you doing? ("How ya doin`?" - Wendy Williams.) Easter is OVER! OMG NOOOO! NO MORE CANDIES!

That`s what I`ve been saying to myself; "No more candies!" But we all know that`s a lie. This is the most famous LIE that people ever tell themselves. "NO MORE CANDIES!" and "No more over-eating like a fat PIG!" You know that will NEVER CHANGE! This Easter I ate like a crazy maniac. I gained weight like a cow. And I LOOK like a cow now! But that is OKAY! I love it! 💖

Here is my latest vlog (Which I am not too happy about because I see a few mistakes in it, and I am a perfectionist while editing. But kinda hard to edit on a Mac that gets ERRORS like; "System overload!" Anyways; here it is and IT IS WHAT IT IS!:

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