What I don`t believe in...

The future never comes. There is always the present. The present is where it`s all happening.

(I am listening to the audio book "The greatest secret" by Rhonda Byrnes.)

And I don`t believe in time. I don`t believe in gender. 

I do not believe in race either.

Actually; I believe that life is a dream and that most people are not awake. That is why there`s much pain in the world. 

Life is easy. Whatever happens is okay...

Just don`t give me Raspaballer for Gods sake!...
 (A Norwegian dish that I dislike!)

I dånt beliv in Raspaballa for hælsekke!

Photo: Gamletorvet Spiseri

That is when life becomes too real for me. I can`t even escape the Matrix anymore, then.

I fell off the chair as a child while being spoonfed with Raspaballer BY THE WAY!

I decided to jump out of the chair. When all my problems started. When I think about it, I realise that I started my own universe right there and then. 

I do whatever I want. End of story. 
And on my first day of school I yelled and said that school is nothing for me. (And for 32 years my mother has fought (mostly with herself) to get me to go back to school. But my decision was made; I was too cool for school. (Which was only visible to me. I was invisible to everyone else.) Born in the 80 's. I am old-skool. It reminds me of the Pink Floyd - song with the lyrics; We don't need no education.

Subconciously, I knew that I came here as an example so that I could educate others.

Life is a dream that feels so real that we rarely wake up from it. Just 2% wake up. Awareness is all that we are. And "jadda jadda jadda" you may say right now. I GET IT! I used to be the 98% that didn`t get it. 

But I am STARTING to get it now. In this movie called «life on earth» we`re being spoonfed with so many lies. It is up to YOU to stop this from destroying who you came here to be. It all starts with remembering who you are. «What crap, Mali! WTF are you talking about, you moron?» I get it. I used to be a naysayer too. With the television in front of me, which tells lies to your vision.

''But Mali, don't you believe the bombings in Gaza?'' Yes, I know, I know. But it is the way I have chosen to react to it that makes the difference. We should all just focus on positivity. To create peace we must all BE peace. I choose peace as much as I can, personally. I don't take life too personal by letting anger consume me. If we all did the same less anger / violence would be spread. More peace would be created. We create this planet.  

I don't believe in sitting on the coach eating a sandwich, "BE peace" and just watch what's going on. It is time that you say your opinion. Even if your voice shakes. Use your platform to talk about it. Start a blog. A YouTube channel. But never with negativity and violence. Talk about peace and use YOUR VOICE. We vote for presidents (Which I do not believe is important to be honest. It doesn`t matter who comes into power. Why? Because the same system remains. A system that doesn`t work! 👎) It is time for Israel to call it quits. Whatever is going on doesn`t work either. Israel is powerful so Palestine will NEVER have a chance in this war. Peace will NEVER happen EVER! IF Israel does not stop. We need to speak up. People`s voices have a lot more impact than politics. It's great to see that more and more people all over the world are waking up to the truth.  

So, I was quiet, depressed and somebody else - until the day that I remember how I was spoonfed with Raspaballer. 😂 That changed my life forever. I am now the real me. Not listening to nobody, not stopping at nothing. I forgive my grandmother for trying out the Norwegian dish on the three year old little me. Little did she know about my future weirdness. She was the best grandmother I ever had, except for my other grandmother that was also the best grandmother I have ever had. 

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind, simultaneously.

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