I will use this blog in the future...

This used to be "malisuniverse.com" but I moved to Wordpress because I wanted to try out new features and plugins (ecommerce store plugins IF I should make an online business in the future.) 
I would like to do that (EVENTUALLY! Not right now, though! Right now I`m sitting on my butt! LOL) I will change the domain name to something different and catchy eventually. Eventually is my favorite word, procrastinating is my favorite "hobby". I almost never used my drone because I was procrastinating so much...

(And then I went to a country where drones are illegal and I got stuck in a Coronavirus lockdown. (TWICE! Two different countries, two different types of lockdowns! "Nice move Mali, proud of you!")

I have now tried Wordpress and I like it a lot. But I have used a lot of energy in editing this blog and this blog LOOKS BETTER! The fonts are nicer. (Text.) Yes, I am a perfectionist. And I like the cold green-ish/blue-ish colors. I will return here, and I knew the day would come that I would say this; I am addicted to blogs and websites. 

Like you are cheating on your other blog

It almost feels like you are cheating on your other websites and blogs. This blog was an old boyfriend that you were tired of, and wanted to get rid off, and you eventually did, but then you want to come back to him! You are cheating on him / her with 2 other blogs! Jeses! :-O This is the ONLY WAY I can relate to the love life (That you guys talk so much about! Which I have no clue about or whatsoever! Not designed for it. I`m designed for computers, I guess. LOL! 😁 Does not sound very normal to say this! Sounds like a crazy-person.)


See ya later!

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