You have to feel it!

Due to my own privacy I have unpublished my old blog posts. Why do I choose to put it that way?
Well, I just want people to see me for WHO I AM! My older projects, videos etc. represented a time when I just created to create. And some of it I like, even though most of it doesn´t represent the person that I feel that I am  - inside, anymore. BUT the posts still exist! (In my unpublished posts - folder) I just want to make better content in the future. Right now I am working on it. I don`t feel the old style that I used to have anymore. And because of privacy (I don´t want people to think that this is my blogging-style when I want to evolve from that old style.) Can you relate? Sometimes we just want to evolve.

I know I have said this over and over again ; I will become better at this! I will change! But to do so you have to FEEL the change coming. You have to really FEEL IT! It is something that happens with time. I know this sounds like it is some serious topic, to be a blogger, and many people laugh at bloggers. Laugh at creative people, people with an idea, because they don´t have an idea themselves. I use blogs as a tool to share. It is a tool. For me it has been the best tool. I have successfully made people feel ashamed! (I`m so sorry, I just had to put that in. I guess my blogging-style isn`t changing after all! lol) Ashamed like; What the h*ll is wrong with this person? She is acting like she is 15 years old. We all know she is in her mid-thirties! With all my weird videos that are supposed to be humor videos. But some people just don`t get the humor. Some people may think that just to have a humor like mine says a lot about a person. But it could ALSO say a lot about how creative and fun this person really is. It could ALSO inspire other women in their mid-thirties who have a unfulfilling lifestyle. Because there is no age, really. Age is just a number. WHY do we all assume that women in their mid-thirties are supposed to do chores, buy a gardening book and work in the garden? We are human and we come in all forms and shapes, also when it comes to personalities. Perhaps gardening work isn`t why I came to this planet earth, but I have to tell you guys; I can do that TOO! In fact; you would LOVE to SEE MY garden! (If I decided to plant some seeds. My red roses would take over the whole freaking area. Trust me!) Because there`s NO limit to what you can do in your life.

BUT you have to feel it.

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