THIS is how I see myself!

This is WHO I AM. This is how I see myself. As a lightening ride. (A psychedelic lightening ride!
A state of mind. You may think:"She should lay off the drugs!" But I don`t do drugs. This is who I am.) High on life, baby! IF you want to be happy - be yourself! Life only changes when YOU DO!
We have to be happy and start to smile again. We can not follow the crowd to be happy. So be YOU!

Decided to be ME and break free from the matrix...

So now I am myself (and a parody on myself) in my own YouTube series. It is better to be a parody on yourself than becoming somebody else. (I should turn this saying into a quote and print it on my t-shirt. Maybe I will do that. I really feel that I need my own merchandise; cups, t-shirts etc. I WILL do that!) Although some ignorant people may think; "An early midlife crisis!" But tell me; when did I actually CARE about what people think? I used to care sometimes. That was the most boring minutes of my life. Where THEY WON! The haters and the naysayers! When you care about their opinion and quit, you become a loser and a failure. They love that. They want you to fail. They laugh at you, but YOU should be the last one laughing. Because THEY don`t do anything about their lives, they are too busy having an opinion about you. When you are the only one who is being your true self. The only way to control things is to be your true, authentic self. Life should not be about control, but if you stay true to yourself then things are taken care of naturally. That natural flow. You should want to BE the flow. And you should want the things in your life that was MEANT TO BE. But IF you go against the natural flow in things you will attract situations that were not supposed to happen. Because you should have avoided it by being YOU. But everything in life is about learning. So it is a stepping stone to what is to come. But by being your true self RIGHT NOW you do not have to procrastinate so many things in life. When things don`t go as planned, at least you can say; I was being ME while YOU were too busy being told LIES to. From the TV and the mainstream media. From the TELL LIE VISION. Imprisoned by THE MATRIX!

New website: The Mali Show! With new episodes coming out soon.
Here is the first episode: YouTube and decided to be me!

My YouTube channel:

"WHY all this promoting?" you may ask yourself right now.

Well, because I have always loved the cameras and the cameras LOVE ME.

As you can see; we are in a symbiotic relationship...

Life once used to be...

White noise was all that I heard and saw. But then I started to open my third eye.

I have thought about it for a while now ;"Who are we? WHO AM I? WHY did we come to this planet?" These were the questions that I asked myself as a child, growing up in Norway. On a farm. I watched my parents and people living average lives. But I was not "average". But I went to school, tried to do my homework like everybody else. Although I was NOT interested. It was NOT ME. I became a zombie. Did as I was told by society to do. All I wanted was a camera. A handycam. And a tape recorder with a microphone to record stuff. My parents thought it was too outrageous because THEY were "not like that". They were, trust me! Even though they were under the influence of "Da Capo", a local TV show where they used to sing the same song over and over again. Almost like mind control. But I am sure they had secret desires to be on the stage and in the limelight. My dad actually was told by people that he should act in a local show, but offcourse "We don`t do that! We must never think out of the box!". But I got a synthesizer once. My parents regretted giving it to me, though. Because I did not want to do anything else than to play songs on it. I had played the Star Wars theme too many times. But during winter time, after that I had denied the fact that school actually exists, some time after christmas; my parents decided that I am creative. I quit school and tried to go to another school. For the creative souls. But it was still NOT me. Because at a young age and a teenager; HOW do we KNOW who we truly ARE? WHY are they shaping us into copies of everybody else?

I had these advanced questions going on inside my mind until. ..I don`t longer have them.

Now I remember who I am. 

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind. Simultaneously! ;-)

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