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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August 01, 2017

When I woke up this morning / bloggers / green hair...

When I woke up this morning I just knew what I HAD TO DO!...

Sometimes I get this feeling deep inside. It has to get OUT!

When I woke up this morning, baby, I just had this feeling that I had to dance! Oh, I had this feeling deep inside. It had to get out, it had to get out!

Photos from my cool and hip music video shoot...Dancing like "Shakira" (Don`t you even try it; to tell me that I don`t dance like I could at least be on Dancing With The Stars!) in front of your bed at home. Now;  Isn`t that what we ALL want to show the world?!...

Just a song that I made one morning (Actually yesterday. I also filmed this yesterday morning.)
I had a lot of sound issues (amongst other issues) going on in this song. But it is what it is. I think I fixed it and now it is better than earlier. TRUST THAT! Uploaded this video anyways because I barely blog anymore.

Wouldn`t even do it if I had a beach body right now

I guess many of my blog posts/articles were badly written because they were forced.  I had no real story or content. (That is why we have so many BORING bloggers!) Outfit Of The Day or Today`s Makeup Tutorial...A purse here and an outfit there ( I WANT IT! *okay, that was a joke!*) A half naked blogger laying down with a beach tan with a Pina Colada in her hand. I get it, though. When you are not that creative in life and do not come up with your own ideas in life, you start to follow the mainstream. But it is a SHAME if you are AWARE of it. Most of them aren`t. I personally also love a holiday so I am not against the beach, drunk blonde - look (Drunk? I mean dumb.) But too much of it? = BORING! I feel like yawning just by writing down these sentences. I wouldn`t even do it if I had a beach body right now. (Well, only if I did it as a joke.) I am not into Living the American dream (Well, first of all; I am not an American. ( I am from an ice - cold spot up North. On the map it reminds you of the perfect ham.) Nr. 2: I am living MY dream, which is the malisuniverse.com-dream. A holographic experience in 5D / no time / no age / no race / no gender / no life. (Okay, we do not have to exaggerate here! But it all turns into a hot mess.) It is a different world, let`s just leave it at that.) I am not into outfits. Only CAMO! You just never know when Kim Jung Un will drop a bomb on someone`s head. Just don`t you ever come near me! And I am not into make-up tutorials. (I am only into tech tutorials by nerds (Video/music editing.) You can go to the yawning-portal for the beach blonde, beach life, tanning world (SPRAYTAN!) - stuff. Go to the top lists of the Scandinavian lifestyle bloggers! Great place to begin. Beginner`s guide here: http://www.blogg.no or search for "Rosablogger" in Google. This is a Scandinavian thing. You can scroll down and explore the rich daddy girls (SUGAR DADDY GIRLS! *okay, that was a joke. Again!* I am sorry about that!) But my point is; you can have the pleasure of exploring COPY AFTER COPY.


Is it difficult for people to be original? WHY do they try so hard to fit in?
Where is the story and the content? Is it helpful? What is it to be honest? Is it even entertaining?
To others but themselves? But again; I am not against people who are trying to express themselves.
(Because we should all do that MORE OFTEN! I just question the way a lot of people choose to do it.) But what can people who get a kick out of only looking good do next? (because that is one of the only reasons why they do it. To show off their looks.) What can the next thing be for them besides showing off their lives on social media/blogs? WHERE is the missing action? They don`t have the ability to act? (I am not talking about every blogger. A lot of them are highly intelligent people.) But I guess the conclusion is; we are lacking originality in this world. And that is why I have such a hard time understanding WHY it has to be so hard for other people to be creative (like I am. Ok, I am NOT saying that we are better than anybody else.) We are just not the majority in society. The majority is not awaken yet to the fact that it`s all about creation. But looking good, showing off how much money they have got, "house with a sauna and place for a pony"(Quote: Hyacinth Bucket) could also be creation of some sort. It is not the creation that I care for, but maybe they like it. So again; I am not going to judge anybody.

(WELL! I want a sauna! I will create a sauna in the future. Terrible example. Who does not want a SAUNA?!)

I wanted the same hair color as my blog

I can ONLY bleach my hair green so she AIN`T gonna help you! `Cause she needs help! LOL.
(In that apartment!...APARTMENT?...I mean department...If you can even say that...)

But with everything else in life; I do what I WANT.

Do what you want, when you want it! As long as you don`t
interfere in other people`s business.

If you should ever be in doubt, and people are telling you to Get a life (like THEY
have a better life than you can have (?),  just remember...

Haters hate, 
creators CREATE!

Steve Jobs once said something very important:

Photo: businessbrein.nl

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe.
Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind.
Simultaneously! ;-)