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Sunday, June 25, 2017

June 25, 2017

VLOG EP 12 - Everything is falling apart!

Welcome to my twelfth vlog. I am still having audio issues so what I will do is very simple; I will stop using my DSLR camera in future vlogs. I don`t give up but I GIVE IN. There is a difference! Between giving in and giving up. When you give IN, you are surrendering to what IS MEANT TO BE! Because I don`t give up anything in life. I am NOT a QUITTER! Not good enough filming gear (cameras, light setting, audio etc.) does NOT stop me from doing what I want to do. I just do it anyway. Do not "have a life"? DO IT ANYWAY! If I had a sign that I had to walk around with every day for the rest of my life it would read; "I can! I will! Want to stop me? TRY IT!" TRY IT! And you will see a tornado coming your way. TRUST THAT! You won`t even know it was me. I am going to give you a not so silent treatment, but still a silent treatment.

Okay, that was probably sidetracking you again. I do that a lot...

Here the mic did not work again...

I was out and filmed the ocean...

I hope that I don`t have to tell you that I am VERY hip and COOL?....

SO like I always say;

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe.

You are looking great!