The Mali Show?

The Mali Show is another blog that I started a while ago. Why? Because I wanted to make a series about myself. (“Who doesn`t want to make a series about themselves?!” #irony) I was aiming for success, almost like The Wendy Williams Show (Was inspired by the name of the show, so I decided to

Ha ha ha!

Hit your head in the wall! I was stuck and I felt trapped. I felt like I had no life. I was so bored. But then a family member told me; “Okay, If you`re so bored, why don`t you go and hit your head in the wall?” Funny! And so I did. And just by

Things you regret saying…

But not really. But I regret saying things about Donald Trump even though he probably deserves it…(Has enough with the “Coronavirus”? Again; WHO KNOWS if it is for REAL!) Anyway; I am a firm believer that you should never drag other people or gossip about them. I never do that anymore. But every time I

I love the truth

Weird, spacey, very ME to be honest…the quality is very ME also 😉 Not the best I`ve done in my life, not really tried to master this at all (mastertrack? eh…yeah I know what that means…just let me hit that rec button and export this shit like in an hour or so, just went with