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Saturday, February 27, 2021

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Let`s work together to rebuild this planet!

Someone told me that I should write about my own experiences in life, ecspecially regarding government issues etc. But I DON`T THINK SO! NOT right now! I WILL, though! In the future. I have a lot to talk about! 😁😜😎 Don`t you worry about that! The timing is not good at the moment and I would rather spend my precious freetime writing about positive things. Although there ARE positive things also, regarding government issues / topics. I don`t "hate" the government. I just want to make that clear. I feel that being a hater no matter what is a VERY self-destructive force. Wasted energy! That`s why I am the kind of person that see the positive in the mids of the so-called negative. EVERYTHING happens for a REASON!  Stay positive, be  a YES - sayer and everything works out perfectly! 👍 Article about being a YES - sayer.

Living off grid

At the moment I am really interested in living off-grid. Although I am not living off-grid. I am just feeling a strong connection to nature. Like I`ve never felt before! And I trust my intuition 110% , because it has never, ever failed me. It would be great to build something with my own hands!
(Working with hands / crafting /building is a big deal in my family by the way! It runs in my blood to want to be independent and do things MY WAY. Sustainable living. WHY should I be a member of this "club"? When the club is not working. I don`t owe the government anything at all! If I want to buy a pair of shoes I do not take a politician with me to pick a shoe for me, I want the shiny ones. Not the comfortable ones. I want to fall on the ice. It is MY CHOICE! We are free beings. Like choosing a home. I would love to build an off-grid-earthship-home. I kinda feel like I want to finish a project like that in the future. 

A song just entered my brain: I feel like it doesn`t matter - na -na -na -na -na - what kind of clothes I wear- na -na-na -na -na. If I`m broke na-na-na-na-na. I`ll find a curtain - na-na-na-na-na. Don`t care about becoming an Instagram infuencer- whore (?) Probably not the best rhyme I could come up with, but l`ll create an outfit you`ve never seen before! (And I know a couple of things about outfits! (Norwegian insider joke!)

I refuse to miss out on living my true life purpose, because so many people miss out. They don`t realize who they ARE! And their potential! The biggest problem is; they follow the mainstream. And listen to the news. But the real news will never be televized. But a revolution is starting now. I FEEL IT! The Corona - situation was exactly what the earth needed to force people to wake up. Now people start to realize their dreams. They now all of a sudden start to think about building solar power panels on their roofs. It`s actually an exciting time to be alive on this planet right now. I am STOKED! YES! I feel like people will start to crave this common goal; repairing the planet! Instead of complaining; blah-blah-blah; "The Corona virus is stopping us from doing anything! Somebody has to say "It`s enough! Too many restrictions!" No. YOU have to tell YOURSELF that YOU are not playing this game. I know I ain`t playing this game. And I know I`m not alone in thinking this way. We are so many people out there!  I ain`t having it! I`ve reached the tipping point a long time ago. I decided to speak out on this topic many years ago. I even made videos with the hidden message about the state of the world "Things are going to change. We may not know it yet!" ...

Here I am lying on the floor having visions of a bright future. I can`t even SEE because the future is so BRIGHT! This is the REAL focus you should have regarding your own life. Many people are on the verge of having a breakdown during these times. And if you`re looking for a breakdown, then it`s very easy to have one these days - IF you ALLOW yourself to feel that way.

Thoughts in the middle of the blog post: Am I crazy for feeling strong connection to the painting Mona Lisa? Like; "Wow, it`s so FAMILIAR!" I have NO IDEA why I got this mental picture just thrown at me right now. But I think that Leonardo Da Vinci KNEW a lot of things!

Back to the topic...

I joined the Norwegian Green Party once, and people think it starts by joining a party. It doesn`t really start like that. It COULD, but there are too many restrictions in a political party to really free yourself completely. There will always be something wrong with a party. And I don' t really have time to argue with my own "allies". I found that my party had a lot of holes. I don`t have time to fix a whole political party. So, what I mean by this is; it starts with YOU! If we all started to move to the forest / countryside and start a sustainable living there, we would just show the middle finger to politics because politics is not needed anymore. All you need is already in the nature. And if we don`t start to use the nature the right way. The nature is going to f**k you over. This is already going on. But I feel that now people are tired. Tired of the lies being spoonfed over and over again. In the media. They want to sidetrack us from the abundant nature. Facemasks are equal to the movie Silence Of The Lambs. Please watch it!

 And then watch the news afterwards. 

Good luck in finding answers on your own! 👍

I am now busy NOT CARING about the latest news. 

Kanye has left Kim!

BORING! I have experienced enough retardness in my life! 😴

Let`s work together to rebuild this planet! The first thing we must do (and I know it is a hard task to ask someone to do, if you`re still in disbelief) is to break out from today`s mainstream society. I feel that we have destroyed it too much. We must start from scratch again. I believe we were at one point just stoneage people running around like freaking Flintstone`s, but that is way better than what`s going on right now; hiding ourselves behind masks. Whatever author George Orwell "was on" 😵, (Knowing all these things! The book "1984"! Wow! 😱) he was spot on when it comes to his future predictions back in the day...

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind, simultaneously.

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