Hit your head in the wall!

I was stuck and I felt trapped. I felt like I had no life. I was so bored. But then a family member told me; “Okay, If you`re so bored, why don`t you go and hit your head in the wall?” Funny! And so I did. And just by doing that, I felt so much better. I laughed so hard. It really made my day. I was thinking about what that crazy family member had said and it really makes sense. If you`re really that bored, you might as well just hit your head into the wall. 

People who need healing

During the past months I have met people that need healing. Stress and depression are the most popular issues. If you can put it that way. (I don`t care how you put it.  On my blog I write whatever I want!) They all just needed a real “Ha-ha-ha!”. A really long and good laugh. I did a healing session on a super stressed-out family member (since I am a self proclaimed healer) and she laughed and said “What the hell are you doing, Maria?” (She can never get my name right no matter how long I have known her) as I held a crystal over her head. “This is your problem area number one”, I told her. “This is where all of your problems are!”. “Ha-ha-ha!” She laughed and laughed. Later she came to me and told me that I had helped her. I had really made her day. “See you tomorrow, Maria, but brush your hair and I will come back to you!” I don`t take it personally because I know I don`t brush my hair very often. Sometimes only four times a week. But in her language, which is Arabic, this is actually an expression that rhymes. Very cool but sad that the rest of the world does not have cool expressions like that one. I have learned so much from an old civilisation with a rich culture. And even though I see myself as a 15 year old youtuber-blogger, my family member sees me as a free woman. Free in the kitchen, free in the way I do things. Free to her means strong, talented, knows what she is doing. In the kitchen I throw the noodle spices in the noodle soup like it has been my job since 1995. (Like I have been working in a noodle kitchen in Thailand!) If I made a documentary about her and the way she describes me, and the way she describes random topics in general, the world would laugh. Instead the world cries. The world needs healing right now. The world needs a solid “Ha-ha-ha!”. Mother earth is sad. Her birthing pains have never been louder than right now. But I do feel that mother earth is giving birth to a new world. I am waiting patiently and I am being hopeful and greatful. Greatful for what I have. I know there is more to come. I know it is out there. I just do not have hold of it just yet. 

 Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside of my own mind, simultaneously!


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