How to not look a day over 15...

- While you are in your late thirties. Is it possible? Oh yeah! Look at this weird person here; Doing what she loves, which is her BIRTHRIGHT. To do whatEVER she wants , because it doesn`t matter how old you are. Sometimes I am eating as much cake as possible. Yes, I can have the cake and eat it too! I don`t regret it, even though I am fat now. This gives me a good excuse to go to a gym and run on a treadmill (NOT! I AM KIDDING!!!) I actually never thought that I gained weight by cake eating, because I kinda don`t care about how I look...but then one day I saw my reflection in the mirror and realized that I was about to change into a bag of potatoes.

And now a "secret" about me...

I love live streams (I really don`t care, tho!) Am I childish? H*ll yeah! Do I care? H*ll no...


"I was a weird person back in the day..."

(I love that I can make a pink headline! LISTEN! I am in charge here! LOL) You can be in charge too. IMPORTANT to be in charge of your own life.

I say that I was weird back in the day (NO I WASN`T!)...I am STILL as weird as I was, or even weirder...they say weirder comes with age in my case; since I`m in my late thirties (like I just mentioned; do NOT look like it, though, because I live my life loving what I do. (I don`t do much.) I am ONLY getting weirder with age. I LOVE IT!  IMPORTANT to live your life to the fullest.) CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY! Covid-reality is not my reality. It is many others reality, not mine, and not a lot of others either because a lot of us are waking up from ignorance. We have to lead ourselves out of ignorance. I almost never I believed in anything anyway. So for me that is EASY! A great awakening is happening right now. Free your mind. Turn yourself ON. Turn your mind ON! TODAY! Nobody will save you BUT yourself. "Make America great again"??! WHATTT? Make yourself great! Make yourself great for the very first time. It is NEVER TOO LATE!

Right now I am only testing blog-options on my new platform. I was used to Blogger and Wordpress has some new settings. See you later in a LONG and INTERESTING blog post ;-) 

Have a great day wherever you are, and you should spread the news about me. I am crazy! And a lot of people are into that! ;-)

Eating as much cake a possible.