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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

January 02, 2019 Mali - My Universe

The year of not giving a shit (2019)...

- Welcome to my first blog post of 2019. (And by the way; I am sorry for the excessive use of Caps Lock!) This year I will stay even MORE positive than last year. I will try to make myself even MORE happy. Do MORE, basically! Do the things that really MATTER! And I will not listen to the haters and the "naysayers" who want us to do things that DON`T MATTER. This year I am going to be more egocentric (in a good way!) than I`ve ever been before. It IS The Mali Show. So if I didn`t pay any attention to the unnecessary crap on the internet / on the news last year (although the Internet IS my life!) I am NOT going to pay ANY ATTENTION AT ALL or what so ever - THIS year. It is the year of NOT GIVING A SHIT. As long as we don`t interfere in other people`s business. And become destructive (VERY important!) - I don`t see no reason why we shouldn`t be ourselves 100% and let go of all the fear. And the older I get, the less I care. (This comes with age for many people!) How are we going to be happy unless we don`t give a shit, 100%? You tell me? Some people call this a prison planet (Infowar with Alex Jones!), but it is not a prison planet as long as we DON`T MAKE IT a prison planet. So here we go...

Continue? On this weird and freaky life path of yours? 
Yes, thank you!
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What else have I done during the first two days of 2019?...

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I tried to run yesterday, but TODAY I am NOT going to, because we have snow again. Snow + running = slippery, even dangerous, and it is not my thing. Maybe you like it but I don`t. Although this was an excuse (the famous "bad weather - excuse"!) I have some important messages for you...

No more excuses!

Life guidance (while I am trying to guide myself as well! We can do this together!)...

 Stop procratinating! Do everything that you always wanted to do! Do those things that make you smile again!

 Write that book about home gardening and organic vegetables! (I know that I would NEVER do that, but YOU may LOVE to do that!)

 Stop feeling guilty about buying that one -way - ticket to Bali! People will appreciate you MORE when you return. OR...you`ll realize that "I will NEVER return! I have found my place in this universe!" Narrow minded people will tell you that you can`t do these things because as adults we have responsibilities. But as long as you can make it work you can do... 

  Stay away from negative people! If you need a divorce to be happy (divorce from society OR your partner!) to be happy, DO IT NOW! So that you don`t wake up with 100 new grey hairs on the top of your head. You WILL destroy yourself by NOT being true to yourself. 

✭ Don`t be ashamed of who you are or what you do! People will hate you NO MATTER WHAT you do! REGARDLESS! You can be the average person down the road and you STILL have 50 haters that don`t accept you for who you are. Just because you are the daughter or a sister of a criminal, decide to work as a stripper (wild examples here! Nothing personal!) or grew up poor, or  wealthier than the average person. By default, with other words. And they laugh at you behind your back. Don`t let that stop you! In fact; just because you have this kind of experience, it will take you far in life. You can take advantage of your knowledge. People will be so jealous the day that you live the life of your dreams. Then they want to BE YOU! SO BE YOU! Let your inner child come through! COME THROUGH TODAY! 

✭ If you`re lonely right now, hug yourself (Or hug a tree! That also works!) UNTIL the perfect partner comes along and WANTS to hug you - for who you are! 

You see; I never complain because I always see the bigger picture. I know that there`s a REASON WHY things have to be the way they are. And you can CHANGE your life by the way you THINK! CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK TODAY! Think POSITIVELY and life will be POSITIVE!

Yes, I feel like a world famous life coach right now! 🤣

Be as cool as me in 2019 and view life with a 2020 vision! Always one step ahead of
the rest...

Just like the "Not giving a shit" - energy this year, it is also going to be connected to emotions. (You become so emotional that you feel like not giving a shit anymore.) Why do I know these things? Well, I am a Tarot reader and very interested in how the planets move (Astrology. We MUST talk about this another time! It is a favorite topic of mine!)

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You`re gonna feel like....
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