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Friday, November 2, 2018

November 02, 2018 Mali - My Universe

Let me tell you a thing or two about spirituality...

My secret to happiness: Express your inner child! ;-)

The teacher appears when the student is ready

I have many interest in my life and one of them is spirituality. It is a lifestyle more than an interest.
I try to be as authentic as I can be. My humor is very "over the top", outrageous (but ironic) and I understand how people misunderstand who I am just because of that side of me. But I operate from a very spiritual place (if you can put it that way.) Some people just do not understand that connection. The connection between spirituality; the word "Dharma" - which means following your life purpose in life - and being a comedian / weirdo. Doing something that may look strange to a lot of people. And that is what I want to talk about tonight. (Tonight, today wherever you are. We have night time in my country right now.) I just want to help you to connect the dots. I am not talking about myself just because I have the urge to brag about "how much I know". No! I just feel like we people are so different. We have so many different behaviors, interests, passions and destinies. You don`t have to judge someone for what they are doing or how they are behaving. Maybe there is a bigger purpose (reason) behind it all?

Just never judge someone! If that person is not aligned with what you represent in your life, then just
stay away. Not in an angry way. Not in a bitter way. Negative energies attract negative experiences. I know this from my own experiences. Just focus on your own interests in life. It may look selfish on the outside, but you will feel a lot better on the inside. And then the outside starts to reflect what you really, truly feel on the inside. And people will say: "Wow ! Is that what you have been doing?" And then your answer is going to be: "Yes, I took some time to reflect. Because all the answers come from within". It is really that easy. You will attract another situation (another person, another workplace, and another hobby) when you are ready for it. You will attract the right path for you when the time is right. Just like the old saying: "The teacher appears when the student is ready."

The typical wannabe - teacher tried to appear a few times when it came to me. But it was not the right timing. They begged, even nagged a few times. "Follow me, follow us! We have the solutions for YOU!" I just said:"Talk to the hand, you fool!"(I didn`t say it to their faces, but I sure felt the blood pump through my veins a couple of times.) And I meant it. Because BEFORE you are READY NO-ONE, I mean; NOBODY will make you change your mind or make you do anything! I`m talking from experience here.

Now I want to make a headline that is kind of outrageous, but I will do it anyway.
And it is a statement of a lifetime (I dare you bloggers out there; to make the same headline!)...

I am HOT

No flashing pictures of my naked body, no bragging about how much botox I injected yesterday.
Just a real, honest statement. "I am hot!" Why do I even say this? Because I feel it. The blood pumps through every vein of my body. I am happy, doing what I love in life. People don`t get it. But I GET IT! You are not supposed to get anything. (In my opinion. It is the irony in performace art. The less you understand - the greater it is.)

I know I started off by talking about this really deep topic. Which spirituality tend to be. Just when you thought; "Wow, This time Mali is really writing something that makes sense! I really knew she was capable. Talking about spirituality and following your life purpose and so forth." No. I am a comedian and an actress at heart. But it doesn`t stop me from being a very spiritual person too. In fact; I get this freaky / weird inspiration from source. From "God" if you will. I am destined to be like this. I have tried to fight myself many, many times. But each time I have tried, I have failed. HUGELY! Spirituality made me do this! Spirituality made me who I am. Spirituality made you who YOU ARE! And you won`t get no Buddha pictures or Rumi - quotes from me. Although they are so very cute. We all know that. You came here to see me and that is what you are going to get.(Okay, I love motivational quotes and pictures too. But right now it is all about me. Just like in my recent blog post on The Mali Show.)

Here I am being the weirdo that I am. Trying out new ways to get attention online for being even weirder than you first thought that I was.  I am following a photoshop tutorial to create the perfect thumbnails for YouTube videos...

Am I satisfied with the outcome? Well...but will I try again until I get it right? YES! THANK YOU! Thank you dear universe for the opportunity to start over again and make it right.

Just try to get it right! If you fail, then try AGAIN! Don`t be a failure and a loser! Be a closer!
Close every deal like it is the deal of a lifetime. And if you have to close deals in heels, then that is what you will have to do! ;-) 

Follow your BLISS in life! Act on your highest excitement in life! By doing this, and ONLY THIS, you will succeed in your life! 

Here`s a letter that I wrote as a reminder to myself. (Like a note to self!) ;-)

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind. Simultaneously! ;-)