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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

October 31, 2018 Mali - My Universe

The Mali Show is back!

Blog: The Mali Show . Because I don`t have my own reality show on TV. But I don`t believe in TV anyway. Not anymore. I stopped being a believer many years ago. Because the internet is the future. If I can create my own world, I can be my own boss. No matter how cringy this may sound (and cringe is my new favorite word!) I am a one-woman-show kind of person. 

Just a quick tech talk

So, the Mali Show is back! I am working on the template and the concept. I use the same blog design over there as I do here on this blog. Why? Because it is one of the few designs that I have created (found on the internet and re-edited) that has the best; I am telling you the BEST YouTube video solution. The videos don´t show up tiny, and this is a code that I have still NOT managed to crack in an html template yet (even though I have tried to figure it out. I gave up trying because I found this template.) I found this one and a few handful other templates, but the others were NOT nice, they were all one - column  - templates, and I am NOT about one - column - ANYTHING, I want the whole freaking package!

And by the way; I use blogger (blogspot.) Not Wordpress. Or a web hotel. That is because I want everything to be under Google. YouTube is owned by Google. (I don`t want to go into details about who owns what here. Because I ain`t got time for no rant about what I believe in. Wow!...Don`t get me started. I don`t think YOU`ve got time to read about that anyway. Not today!) But I still use today`s technology even though I`ve got some questions about who`s running what (the hidden agendas) and so forth. (The agenda behind the whole freaking internet.) I also don`t want you to get the impression that I am even weirder than I already am. Now you may think: "It can`t get any weirder, Mali!" Trust me IT CAN! But anyway; it is the easiest solution for me to use blogger. (I edit the html templates like a freaking maniac. It is simple and easy. I love it. I just LOVE editing.) I could sit up all night and edit. ("Could"?)

Okay, enough tech-talk! It wasn`t even tech talk. It was fake tech talk. I wish I had more Apple toys to play with right now. I am drooling over iMac Pro. It is way faster than the iMac I have. Mine is from 2014. It`s getting slower every day. I ain`t about that life, honey! *Trying to calm myself down with a cup of tea*.

I guess it`s time to change the subject. I don`t want you to think that I am a nerd, either.
(Oh, the irony!) Let me just slap on some photos here for you...

I only got time for Photoshop / The French Victorian era

Statement (a statement that I kinda made up!):
"The average blogger has a bag hanging on her arm, but the nerdy-blogger doesn`t". Me: LIAR! I HAVE BAGS! TRUST ME ON THAT! Want to see my over the top - bag collection, so big that my mama keeps calling me asking me to help her throw them away in the garbage container that she just ordered? Huh? Because she wants a LIFE? Because I left them in one of her rooms and now she`s PISSED?! How about THAT?! (Btw: Materialistic (girly) things such as bags, make-up will not be shown on this blog. (Is make-up materialistic?) I kinda hate make-up. I just don`t have time. I only got time for photoshop. It is so much easier. You don`t see the make-up anyway. Okay, I guess you understand what kind of life I am living. A life online! But the internet is the future. ALWAYS! If not...OMG! I am going to have a delirium like no other. I have never had a delirium before, but that is when it is going to happen for the first time. BUT: I like bags because I used to have a bag addiction, but I slowly but surely recovered from it. ( It kind of felt like a delirium at first but then I felt better eventually. I started to embrace the hippie style / gypsie look because I was trying to be a minimalist. Even though I hate minimalism when it comes to furniture and home decor. Once you`ve got a royal / The Louvre (The museum in Paris. Just give moi the whole freaking Louvre and I`ll be happy forever. (I want to be in a Marie Antoinette movie, god dammit!) / mixed up with the seventies - kind of taste you never go back!) Once you`ve embraced this mentality. Of the French Victorian era (dare I say qualities?) in your life, then there is NO HOPE for you to ever return to a normal way of thinking or living. You can try but you will always look for heavy gold frames on everything. I have been looking all over town in every thrift store. (But nothing beats the good ol` Louvre.) Okay, I am sidetracking myself again. And you may think "She`s unstable". Well, I am not going to disagree with you. It may look like that from time to time because of my million interests. All happening simultaneously! But I am not joking.  I sometimes get inspired by the French Victorian era. Proof:

I also LOVE the psychedelic look. Am I crazy?


And do I love that about myself?

And please don`t be such a nerd, okay? Because if you are, then you have CLEARLY come to the WRONG place! ;-)

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind. Simultaneously! ;-)