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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May 02, 2017


YES! I am not going to create any more blog posts in Norwegian. I will continue being on YouTube as a number 1 priority from now on. Because videos are my passion! And I am NOT going to limit myself.

HELLO WORLD! You have been waiting for MOIIII!!

And I have already gone wild and crazy on Instagram. Here is my Instagram.
I am also on Facebook. (I gotta be honest with you; I`ve ALSO gone wild and crazy there!)

And EVERYWHERE! If you see a wild, crazy, and outragious person anywhere, it is probably me.

Although I choose a pretty normal picture for this blog post, I could might as well sing you a wild
and crazy song that I just made (I have always another song for ya!) but then you would probably turn your backs on me (!!)  That is NOT what we`re trying to do now.

Come back for more.