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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

April 12, 2017 Mali - My Universe

The elephant in the room...

In today`s Small Talk I am going to complain a little:

Today I decided to write in English. Because that is what I decided a
long time ago, to be international. I do not want to limit myself in any way.
To any country or language.

I want to talk about...(I am writing, not talking). Anyways; I want to say that;
YES! I am a blogger and I do have two YouTube channels, and yes,
I do make music/videos whenever I feel like doing so.

And YOU!; The friend who does not even acknowledge the fact that I do so,
it is just awkward to ME!

Just say that you know.

Just say that you know it.

Because you do.

Just say; You like it. You like that I choose to be me.
Because if you do not like IT, you do NOT like me.

Do not make this situation even MORE awkward than it already is!
(I am not mentioning any names, it is in general.)

You just want to talk about yourself. (When all I want to do is to talk about
myself and my creative projects. Okay, I am not any better, I guess.)

But to completely IGNORE something that is so obvious in my life and not
even saying anything about it EVER is just...wrong.

I am NOT ashamed at all, but I guess you are.

Of the elephant in the room.