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Thursday, April 20, 2017

April 20, 2017 Mali - My Universe

I do not love makeup and I do not love to wear a bra!

There I said it! Feels good to say it. Lol. I am a believer that you do not need a bra.
You are just obsessed with the mainstream. "Boobies are gonna SAG without a bra!"

Has not happened here, trust that! Natural is so much better.

But I wear it when I go out, usually. (I will stop doing that, it is a goal that I have!)

And I do not LOVE to wear makeup. Makeup does not give me anything!

Yes, I look better, probably, but I do NOT care.

Actually; everything that people thought was weird about me as a teenager 
(I did not want to wear a bra and I did not wear makeup. 
Like it is cool to be average! NOT!)
It is actually the real me. 

They say people evolve, but...I was freakin` right all along, honey!

I was living my true life purpose, a wonderful braless life. 

YAAAS! I do realize that now, 20 years later.

This was Small Talk.

Because that was ALL I had to say today!

Have a wonderful day! I am going to have a beautiful, braless day, and
I see you later!