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Welcome to Mali - My Universe!... A blogger/vlogger from Norway.
I will change the photos. These are test photos!
There are no rules! I´m not following the mainstream!
I love colors! It`s almost psychedelic at times!
More to come!

August 3, 2017

August 03, 2017 by

I fixed my hair problem (God has heard my prayers!) / New bag!...

I fixed my hair! This was NOT a good look. How did it turn out like this, you may ask yourselves?
I even ask myself that question. Well, I was going to become blonde. But I bleached HENNA-colored hair! NEVER DO THAT! Henna is STRONG! 

"I wanted the same hair color as my blog!" was just a joke. It accidentally became green
because of the previous Henna - color in my hair. I just thought it was a funny joke...

The struggle is not so real anymore because I now look normal again...

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I became so happy that I just HAD TO SING the songs of our Lord Almighty...

Today is a good day to be in Mali`s Universe! God has heard my prayers! ;-)...
I ran to the rock, I ran to the mountain! Yes, I did and I was answered in the most fabulous ways!

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LUSH is one of my favorite shops

I bought Charity Pot (My favorite body lotion. And I can even give to charity. Like all celebrities; Mali - My Universe is no different!) And a perfume that I had never tried before, called Death & Decay. It does not smell like death and decay at all. It smells perfect! 

The Ouija Board-bag

I wrote in my previous blog post that I don`t get it why people show off their stuff all the time.
I am now guilty of that too. But this is a very special bag...

WHO can say NO to the Ouija board - bag?  

Oh, the contradictions in this blog post! From singing church songs to posting this Ouija board- printed bag - photo? ("She is messing with the devil again!" NO, I am NOT!!) I believe that it`s okay. I am a free spirit, and I believe in freedom. I am spiritual, not religious, although I LOVE gospel music. It`s a great sound, and quiet so hillarious to be honest; with a full packed choir. I LOVE THAT! And because I am a singer. (At heart; although some days I do not have the best voice.) But ALL REAL singers love gospel music because that`s where you find the real SINGERS; singers like Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin. (Because they USE their voices! There is NO "Opps! I did it again!" no, no, no! There is "Hell yeah! I just made history!" There is a DIFFERENCE!) I hope you get it, but if you do not, then I do not care. I am not about caring too much about what others think. I am my own savior, my own judge and my own jury. Another great point: You should NEVER be afraid of anything! So you should NOT be too afraid of hell. You should rather do like me and face "hell" head on with a Ouija Board - bag! I am not afraid of anything and I don`t doubt anything. Nothing or no-one is perfect anyway. So I decided just to let all of the fear and the doubt to leave my energy field. I LOVE the contradictions. I love the yin and the yang. Without the darkness, how can there be light?

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I even sing about my purses? Do you sing about your purses?

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Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind. Simultaneously! ;-)

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