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Welcome to Mali - My Universe!... A blogger/vlogger from Norway.
I will change the photos. These are test photos!
There are no rules! I´m not following the mainstream!
I love colors! It`s almost psychedelic at times!
More to come!

April 3, 2018

April 03, 2018 by

What`s going on? And where is she?

Sometimes I don`t even know it myself! But I am now here on a daily basis:

My Facebook page...


And obviously I am here...

My YouTube Channel

Anyways; gurl, boy, whatcha doin` here? 

Things were better back then, I tell ya. Yours truly looked like she had just retired and moved to the Carribean. Which she STILL kinda hopes for. Retiring from WHAT you may ask yourselves right now..."You haven`t worked a day in your life!" OOOH!! (I think I have to sit down now...do you want a seat? or do you need several seats? Your fat, old booty needs several seats. It is hard to be a slave of the society.) Listen honey! It took me years of soul searching to become the person that you see TODAY! You may feel like "I ain`t seeing much!" But get to know a person before you judge! One day I decided that; enough is enough! I had an average 9-5 job (it was even worse; it was a 6-2 kind of job) I was on the wrong path in life, basically, doing a job that I disliked, times 1000! In lack of better words. I was going to say I hated it, but the word "hate" is so negative.) I was going down the opposite direction from where I was supposed to go. Distracting myself from my life purpose. Giving so little value to my life (because it all comes down to life value. I am NOW starting to work on giving my life more value. So it is a work in progress.) I have not been working too much lately and I am thanking the good ol` mighty lord for that! I am retiring from the Matrix; the everyday LIES that we have to listen to every single day. ON TV and in the newspapers. I ain`t got time for that! I only have time for the king size multicolored coctails with a straw (non alcholic!) I ain`t gonna destroy my liver, either (omg! Obviously not! Jeseees! I am too pretty, and I look too young for my age.) But I am not against working as long as you are working on yourself. Working on your dreams. Not because your mama told you or because your neighbor has a bigger garage than you have. You should ONLY follow your dreams. When you start, even though it may be difficult, and you may NOT see it coming (oh yeah! you will not see it at first, trust me! You`ll experience setbacks!) At the perfect timing you will find a way. A solution will appear!

I thought I was a blogger (among other things I have believed to be!)....

I wrote in a previous post that I will write about health. (Which I am going to correct to Lifestyle / spirituality) But things happen, life happens...so maybe later. Right now I have moved again to another apartment (and I bought a bag of donuts as soon as I moved in! I am not going to show you the donuts. I am too ashamed!) so I am just not ready to blog anything at the moment. So bare with me! You can`t hurry art...either...so IF I start another project right now...well...it is NOT going to be finished any time soon. I will leave you with an old photo of me wearing my favorite outfit from The Days Of My Life (I feel another project rising up from my heart chakra to my crown chakra, on the top of my head, like a freaking volcano. I don´t know what I will do about this right now. But I will make a cup of tea. Tea always helps to calm me down.) Words, photos and memories trigger a creative soul. But sometimes it is not the right time.

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind. Simultaneously! ;-)

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January 7, 2018

January 07, 2018 by

THIS is how I see myself!

This is WHO I AM. This is how I see myself. As a lightening ride. (A psychedelic lightening ride!
A state of mind. You may think:"She should lay off the drugs!" But I don`t do drugs. This is who I am.) High on life, baby! IF you want to be happy - be yourself! Life only changes when YOU DO!
We have to be happy and start to smile again. We can not follow the crowd to be happy. So be YOU!

Decided to be ME and break free from the matrix...

So now I am myself (and a parody on myself) in my own YouTube series. It is better to be a parody on yourself than becoming somebody else. (I should turn this saying into a quote and print it on my t-shirt. Maybe I will do that. I really feel that I need my own merchandise; cups, t-shirts etc. I WILL do that!) Although some ignorant people may think; "An early midlife crisis!" But tell me; when did I actually CARE about what people think? I used to care sometimes. That was the most boring minutes of my life. Where THEY WON! The haters and the naysayers! When you care about their opinion and quit, you become a loser and a failure. They love that. They want you to fail. They laugh at you, but YOU should be the last one laughing. Because THEY don`t do anything about their lives, they are too busy having an opinion about you. When you are the only one who is being your true self. The only way to control things is to be your true, authentic self. Life should not be about control, but if you stay true to yourself then things are taken care of naturally. That natural flow. You should want to BE the flow. And you should want the things in your life that was MEANT TO BE. But IF you go against the natural flow in things you will attract situations that were not supposed to happen. Because you should have avoided it by being YOU. But everything in life is about learning. So it is a stepping stone to what is to come. But by being your true self RIGHT NOW you do not have to procrastinate so many things in life. When things don`t go as planned, at least you can say; I was being ME while YOU were too busy being told LIES to. From the TV and the mainstream media. From the TELL LIE VISION. Imprisoned by THE MATRIX!

New website: The Mali Show! With new episodes coming out soon.
Here is the first episode: YouTube and decided to be me!

My YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/INDIGOMALI

"WHY all this promoting?" you may ask yourself right now.

Well, because I have always loved the cameras and the cameras LOVE ME.

As you can see; we are in a symbiotic relationship...

Life once used to be...

White noise was all that I heard and saw. But then I started to open my third eye.

I have thought about it for a while now ;"Who are we? WHO AM I? WHY did we come to this planet?" These were the questions that I asked myself as a child, growing up in Norway. On a farm. I watched my parents and people living average lives. But I was not "average". But I went to school, tried to do my homework like everybody else. Although I was NOT interested. It was NOT ME. I became a zombie. Did as I was told by society to do. All I wanted was a camera. A handycam. And a tape recorder with a microphone to record stuff. My parents thought it was too outrageous because THEY were "not like that". They were, trust me! Even though they were under the influence of "Da Capo", a local TV show where they used to sing the same song over and over again. Almost like mind control. But I am sure they had secret desires to be on the stage and in the limelight. My dad actually was told by people that he should act in a local show, but offcourse "We don`t do that! We must never think out of the box!". But I got a synthesizer once. My parents regretted giving it to me, though. Because I did not want to do anything else than to play songs on it. I had played the Star Wars theme too many times. But during winter time, after that I had denied the fact that school actually exists, some time after christmas; my parents decided that I am creative. I quit school and tried to go to another school. For the creative souls. But it was still NOT me. Because at a young age and a teenager; HOW do we KNOW who we truly ARE? WHY are they shaping us into copies of everybody else?

I had these advanced questions going on inside my mind until. ..I don`t longer have them.

Now I remember who I am. 

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind. Simultaneously! ;-)

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January 1, 2018

January 01, 2018 by

Deleted ALL the OLD files!....

With this video I have used all the old clips and files on my hard drive. And that is the main reason why I decided to make a weird video. (Like my other videos aren`t weird! - YES THEY ARE!)

YouTube Channel HERE!

I just want everybody to be themselves...

Because there are TOO MANY copies in this world. And that is not fun. We are different for a reason.

This was my WEIRD 2017. I actually HOPE that you can say that "My 2017 was just as weird as yours, honey". I am sure it was just as weird. In a more average kind of way. This IS WEIRD!
It is funny, you know, when people ask me; "What have you done in 2017?" Me: "Well, I have done karaoke and been 2-4 different alter-egoes / characters in my own Youtube series!" Because people ask because they want to know "Oh my God! You need to get a life! Is a change gonna come?" Well, you can ask all you want!(stupid questions btw!) "The change is not gonna come, honey! Because I am the change!". What I mean by this is that by me being who I AM - I can inspire YOU to be who you TRULY ARE! Now; this video is just a sneekpeek of a lot MORE to come in 2018. This was just me warming up. I am NEVER gonna let ME down ever again (by being too scared/ashamed to upload videos.) Because I do not care about haters and naysayers anyway; trying to stop people like myself. (I have done too many weird things to start to care NOW! That is actually a good thing because that means I have been my authentic SELF for a while already. I haven`t denied my existence.) I don`t fit in! So then I am going to stand out. Thank you for visiting my blog and I will be back later with another post and another video.

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind. Simultaneously! ;-)

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November 2, 2017

November 02, 2017 by

You FAKE like this Birkin!

Photo: SoniqueSaturday.com

Don`t become a copy! That is very important to me. We all struggle with this from time to time.
But I try as hard as I can to go with my OWN tunnel vision. I decide what I think is hot or not. I decide what and who I want to follow, IF I should become a follower of anything; I know I follow because I get REAL inspiration from it. NOT because everybody else does it!

I am now going to react to a topic (In this category on my blog I sometimes react to topics or to situations.) Because I want people to wake up and follow their life paths. I am trying to follow my life path as much as possible.

The barbie / pink - blogger OR YouTuber

In my country Norway almost every blogger is a "pink blogger". (ALMOST every blogger! A LOT of them, but not every blogger. Some of the bloggers are okay (or even great bloggers!), and I can accept them.) BUT! There are a lot of "pink" bloggers and every Norwegian can agree with me on this. They only write about their lives and looks. (Bacically; it looks like they all want to be like Kylie Jenner.) That is why I don´t think that she is a good role model for young girls at all. She has a business worth about a billion dollars, but she would never have that business if it was not for her famous family. So to say that "She needs a tap on the shoulder for being such a successful businesswoman" ? Well, I don`t know about that one. Yes, I am sure that is a hard job, but let`s be honest here; she has a whole team of 500 people helping her with that business. (Kylie Cosmetics) I am not hating on her right now, I am just saying that; what a lot of girls think is a role model is actually someone who has got everything on a silver platter all her life without actually TRYING. Without actually struggling to get to the top. She was already on the top from the very beginning. But it is not her fault that she was born into that life. This was just an example. I just feel it is sad to watch. It saddens me when everybody wants to be and act like everybody else. I don`t see these types of celebrities as role models at all. Because they are fake. Just as fake as that Birkin on the photo above. Fake lips, fake breast, fake butts. I am just being honest here! Okay, if you have been doing these booty-shaping-squats (or whatever the mainstream chooses to call it!), then honey, you DESERVE it! I don`t even think about doing them. I am too lazy for those thoughts! They never pop into MY head! Trust me! I can joke about it, yes, I can, but I never actually go through with it. Okay, I am LAZY and you are not, okay? I am proud to be lazy, though. I am breaking out of the system and the mainstream (when I am being lazy).
Hi, my name is Lazy-Mali and I drink my tea with a straw!
And then I record songs about my LAZY everyday life. 

*Not feeling as proud of myself as I thought that I would by saying this.* Feeling like I should run a couple of miles now!* Instead of getting another cup of coffee and a donut!*

Anyways; My role models are people who came from NOTHING, had a dream and never gave up on that dream. There are a LOT of people to choose from. I am not going to list every successful person in this blog post, but I think you understand what I am trying to explain to you. 

I kind of love it when a designer comes up with a fake Birkin bag. Or "You fake like this Chanel". I am a bag-o-holic myself but I have a limit to how expensive I think that a bag SHOULD BE. And I am not just saying this right now because I am jealous and WANT these expensive designer bags. You know what? I actually think it would be much cooler to design my own bags or shopping at a thrift store. (And maybe I will!) 

Think for yourself, honey! Be you, do you! If you actually LOVE the fake-look/lifestyle, then okay, that is YOUR life path. I am not going to argue on your own journey. I am only sharing my opinion here. Maybe you are tired of the mainstream too? Are you an anti establishment kind of person, feeling like you are enslaved by society? Just break free today! 


Or maybe you just don`t want to wake up, because...
Photo: SoniqueSaturday.com

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind. Simultaneously! ;-)
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October 31, 2017

October 31, 2017 by

I have tried it ALL, honey!

I have changed my blog design (template) probably ten times now. I never become satisfied.

If I find a nice template there`s always something wrong with it. I have tried over ten different styles.
I am TIRED! I have tried it ALL! So I will just stick with this one because it works on mobile devices.  Okay that was today`s blog post. Have a great day!

Okay, this was actually all that I wanted to say in today`s blog post. But I guess I can write a little bit more.

So what else is new?

Oh, yeah...
A love story that never seems to end. I have tried to end it many times. It never works! It doesn`t help to cheat with a cup of tea. I have tried that too. I have tried it ALL, honey! I have come to the conclusion that ONLY me and Lady Gaga understands what a really bad romance means...


And now over to the weird part (Like it was not weird already...)

Don`t expect too much even though I said that I will start to blog more frequently in an earlier blog post. Finding good ideas is not always easy. You need to have the right mindset. VERY serious to be a blogger! I hope that you all know this! I take this profession very seriously. #profession #irony. I hope that you have heard about irony.

So, friends and frienemies; there`s a lot of questions that we have to ask ourselves in a serious situation like this one, as a professional blogger (rich and famous blogger! Ranked very HIGH on Google - NOT!)...

I will continue to blog in English even though as many of you already know; I am a Norwegian living in Norway. In a small town in Norway. But I have my own thing going on here, and this is my way to express myself, and I hope that YOU are happy with the way that YOU choose to express yourself. It is VERY important to never limit yourself in any way! I know that I don`t! I will also use this blog for future creative projects. As a great way to document my journey. Life is a journey as we all know. 

Who knows what will happen next. I am...

None of these photos are new. I have a whole archive with different categories. These were selected from the WEIRD - category. I hope you like them and I`ll see you later! ;-)

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October 30, 2017

October 30, 2017 by

All the stories going on simultaneously...

I am a purse-collector. I collect all kinds of purses and bags. I had to stop buying purses and bags because I don`t have any more space left. The expression on my face is exactly how I feel while holding a brand new purse. Feeling like a million dollars! This is not exactly a story in itself, but it will be a serious story in the future if I don`t stop buying purses and bags. A story for my grandkids.
We all want to tell stories to our grandchildren in the future. But I don`t want to tell them how broke I was as a purse addict. I am probably a lot of things, but broke is not my plan for the future.

We were born naked and the rest is drag

In the past (I don`t do it anymore (just rarely!) I used to turn into a character. Well, you NEVER KNOW! That is one of the great things about me. You never know when I start to write another story. You never know when a story turns into history. 

Here I was Marilyn Monroe. I am obviously wearing a wig...

I thought that I looked smoking hot at the time. You know what they say;
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I am the beholder.
And I had good self-confidence that day.

But after looking at the photos I had just taken, my self-confidence was not as
strong anymore. So I decided to drop the wig and bleach my hair for the more
natural look...

But once a wig-lover, always a wig-lover...

I can relate to that!

During the most uninspiring times on earth

I don`t know what I was trying to achieve here to be honest. This was just one of the stories going on inside my head, I guess. John Galliano was a very popular designer in the early 2000`s, and honey, I have been around a while, so I was into the Galliano - look. And whenever Mali photoshops herself in front of a Galliano photo shoot-picture, you KNOW she was inspired! The early 2000`s were the years of inspiration. There is a lack of inspiration nowadays. I just don`t get inspired by the restylane lip filler - culture. (Let`s all be like Kylie! - or DIE!) 

But I feel better days are coming, and if they don`t come fast enough I am going to something about it. Creative as I am; I always see a solution even during the most uninspiring times on earth.

Another episode of what was going on inside my mind...

I once had the idea to roll around on rollerblades wearing a huge pink gown while painting a HUGE painting, and randomly hitting the canvas with wild and outrageous strokes. (Isn`t that what we all do on a sunday morning?) This was even too wild and outrageous for little ol` me. Oh, the energy! But so little physical space at the time. So I did not go through with that idea. Why would I come up with such an idea? Well, it was during the dark night of the soul. The rent was to high and my income to low. I was eating noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I had to do anything just to get by another day. Life can be a battlefield but you survive. 

Although not everything goes as planned in life, I did photoshop myself inside a tiny room with a huge pink gown, wearing rollerblades. That was the extension of the story that was already playing out inside my own imagination. Who knows what happened before this? I was probably rolling around on my rollerblades, high and low, and in all the wrong places.

Come and find me?...


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October 30, 2017 by

But the change is gonna come...

Yo! What`s up friends and frienemies?! I want to continue to blog more frequently. That is the plan. Why do I even keep this domain; malisuniverse.com, which is my OWN universe, if I do not blog?

Throwing in a photo for the "fans"! I have still not to this day been on a 
long awaited photoshoot. But I just "dont`t have time". The most popular excuse in the world.

BUT let me tell ya; MORE TO COME! I am not going to sit on my butt any longer!
Although I am right now. I am going to snap those photos of myself just like I was surrounded by ten paparazzi`s. "No, too many pictures!" People are going to say "That`s one weirdo right there!" But I don`t care. I am in my own universe, Mali`s universe. And she ain´t got no shame.  So with my shameless behavior I do what I want, I get what I want. (It is the lyrics of a song under production. It is better than it sounds, trust me!)

AND Eventually (I know this sounds lazy but...)
I plan to: do squats, honey, yoga and then run a mile, I have said that before. And when I said it I also
said "This time, honey, I am going to do something about it" But I didn`t do anything about it then either. So WHO KNOWS what can happen?!

 But the change is gonna come! Because the change has to come. Change always comes. But don`t you sit and wait for it to come. You want to be aware of it coming. You want to KNOW what kind of change that is coming. You want to be involved with that change.

Aretha Franklin made a song called "A change is gonna come".

Just listen to it; I love her old songs:

I shall overcome! I shall overcome the age of social media. It`s destroying my figure!

So from now on I will obviously start excersicing (Can`t even spell the word right, hate it so 
much!) And really start to transform myself. Into Jane Fonda, my idol.

And then I will blog my journey!

   Blogging is one of my real PASSIONS in life! 

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind. Simultaneously! ;-)

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October 21, 2017

October 21, 2017 by

What`s up with my YouTube "career" ?

Nothing is going on - on YouTube at the moment. And that is the way it is supposed to be until I find a new SERIOUS project, and that I can really say "I can accept this! I do not feel like a moron this time!" I don`t care if you think that I am a moron or an idiot. I could not care less! I ONLY CARE about what I THINK of ME. I am my own biggest critic. I am a perfectionist and everything that I have done in the past has been killing time. I was bored and had no other choice than to kill some time. I did not care WHAT I was doing, I just had to do SOMETHING. But I still have my old videos on my YouTube channel. I will NEVER delete anything! That is very important because I will use all my old videos in future projects. You never know when you want to tell the story about "Who I was back in the day". Don`t we all have that on our minds? To make a movie about our own lives? Jesus! WHAT is wrong with you guys? WHO doesn`t want to do that? ;-)

A lot of videos to choose from on my channel, to really make a weird story, TRUST ME on that!

My YouTube channel:  Mali - My Universe.

That expression "I need a life!" and "GET A LIFE !" is NOT too far-fetched right now and I finally get it. It has finally sunk in. There is truth to these expressions. It`s like you are sitting on the couch, sipping to your tea and waiting for things to happen. Things happen, alright! FASTER than you realize; you get lazy, fat, and then it is TOO LATE! But ONE SWEET DAY, honey, you get shocked by the reflection in the mirror: IS THAT ME?

You get rid of the cake that you bought last night (because you were pretty desperate last night. You have a donut left but you look at it and say; "YOU HAVE DESTROYED MY LIFE!" and "You were kind to me, though, in the time of need." But you are not needy anymore! THOSE DAYS ARE OVER!

HOW many times have you said this to yourself?

"NO! this time things are going to change! I have three new snickers. Neon-pink, neon-yellow, and green! I will run every day after watching "The bold and the beautiful". I am going to dress up like that Jane Fonda and run a mile or two! OR: I am going to do yoga!"

Indecisive again! You know that your only personal goal right now is to burn that belly fat but you can`t seem to get your belly off the couch. A belly that kinda looks like a couch by now.

The same struggle goes for your creative life. You don´t get NOWHERE! YOU ARE STUCK!
Lack of passion! You are depressed? They say it leads to depression. How can it NOT lead to depression when YOU ARE NOT WHERE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE?!

A change in direction is what you need right now.

And you promise yourself "MORE TO COME!" (But you have no idea what is coming because you don`t know what you are doing.)

A picture that I have used on several occasions where NOTHING HAPPENED! (Several occasions...sounds like I brought the picture to events! That IS NOT having a LIFE! ("Here`s my card, my name is Mali. I am weird and socially awkward. CALL ME!") And when you turn the card over to the other side you see a desperate person with the title "MORE TO COME!") WHAT a scenario!!! I kinda like the scenario. A weird manuscript is writing itself right now inside my mind.
I could have written a few manuscripts to be honest.)

What I mean by this is that I have used the same picture several TIMES.

 That is when we ask ourselves: What will be different THIS TIME?

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind. Simultaneously! ;-)
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October 19, 2017

October 19, 2017 by

Don`t brag about what you have!

This time in "You can do it" I will break it down for you in a very simple way...

Rule nr. 1: DON`T BRAG ABOUT WHAT YOU HAVE! And rule nr. 2; Don`t tell anybody when you are going on holiday!

Because as soon as you walk out that door, honey, there is going to be somebody lurking outside your house trying to enter your backyard. Don`t you even TELL ME it is SAFE and okay to walk to the store without closing your fence or door or whatever you have got going on wherever you live - WITH A KEY! You might be a farmer and a real Hillbilly and don`t even believe that somebody is going to enter your own backyard, because "nobody ever did that to me before!", but let me tell you, honey, YOU ARE WRONG! If that is your mentality, IT IS going to happen to you.

IF I ever saw that I was missing two or EVEN ONE purse from my grande collection of bags and purses I would freak out. But I would also KNOW that it was my OWN fault that this was happening to me, and not my neighbor, because I WAS THE ONE WHO was STUPID like that! - Not even carrying a house key, while a van was parked outside the apartment building. Just waiting to see if somebody is going to leave the building, going to a spa or something like that. This is ONE OF MANY SCENARIOS that can happen to you fools out there who think that there are trustworthy people everywhere. Let me tell you; there are NOT only trustworthy people out there. You never know when you are going to have your first encounter with a real energy vampire who sucks the sh**t out of you. He may just stand there, smoking a sigarette; the obsessive stalker-type, but you never know what`s going to happen next because these people are desperate; just got out of the psychiatric ward. (Okay, so maybe I am exaggerating. But actually I am NOT! It is possible!) These people are lurking around town, and can even enter your own backyard if you are not being careful. Don`t you tell me it is NOT going to happen to YOU! A LOT of people are shameless and don`t have a care in this world.

And now another thing that I advice you not to do; and that is telling people about your secrets.
We all have secrets, even I have secrets. BUT don`t you tell anybody! Get to know your so-called friends before you share your life story.

As soon as you tell anybody what is going on, IT`S GOING down from there on; rumors about you that is not even true.

I believe you can do this! I have faith in you, guys!

Let me repeat: Don`t brag about what you have! And then "I`m going to Bali, you guys!" BAD, BAD combination! (Once upon a time you had some, now you`ve got NONE!) Don`t tell anybody about your secrets! Get to know a person WELL, and even when you get to know the person well, you STILL don`t tell your secrets, because there are some tough cookies out there in this world and these people might be smiling to you in your face, but as soon as you walk away, they hop on their bikes and spread rumors about you that are not even true.)

Okay! This was a bit exaggerating, I know! I love to exaggerate things to the maximum sometimes.

Have a safe evening/night/morning wherever you are :-) ( It is nighttime where I live.)

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind. Simultaneously! ;-)

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October 17, 2017

October 17, 2017 by

Keep bad people away from your backyard!

 How to live a drama-free life: 

Let me keep it simple...

Don`t let bad, mean spirited people, haters and nay-sayers invade your private space! It is very simple.

We don`t want no drama, do we? And I am NOT about the drama. I simply ain`t got time! This is the best way to keep a clean, positive vibe / energy in your life. Because if you don`t have this mentality, something bad is going to happen to you one day.

Cut off contact to people who are untrustworthy! Cut them off without warning! Don`t explain things, just do it! Avoid them! And avoid the drama! If you explain why, you just give the subject further attention, and then you are going to be faced with even MORE drama. In a situation you were not supposed to be in the first place. And listen, honey, YOU AIN`T GOT TIME! And time is precious. You know what you want and don`t want in your life. It was an error in your life and you can walk away from it. You were probably naive, got attacked or offended. It doesn`t matter what it was, life goes on. Don`t hold a grudge too long, just let it go. Because holding grudges is NOT going to get you to the top. And it is not going to let you be the best that you can be as a human being. Don`t give the negativity any attention NO MORE! Negative people and situations can and WILL suck the energy out of your tiny, little body.

Famous saying. I found this on Pinterest.

Keep it simple! Keep things simple and you don`t get no drama either. Don`t start a fight! If you should involuntarily get into a fight then walk away from the fight- knowing that you have the phone number to the police and a great lawyer. Always be prepared! There are mean people in this world. And bad things do happen to good people. Don`t give negative people any of your time!

- Unless they enter your backyard.

Be who you are and you will attract people who are just like you. Not the haters and the dramaqueens, but likeminded people.

Here I am walking away from drama.

IF I can do it,

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind. Simultaneously! ;-)

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October 17, 2017 by

Fall in love with yourself TODAY!

Let me keep it simple...

I have realized something during my journey here on earth; 

Ain`t nothing GOOD happening in your life if you don`t LOVE yourself!


How the H**LL are you going to love somebody if you
don`t love yourself?

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October 10, 2017

October 10, 2017 by

Idol Mali e itj mæ...

Hvis jeg skal i det heletatt være en offentlig person så har jeg ikke tenkt å være "Idol Mali". Det er ikke den jeg egentlig er. Og da skal jeg aktivt gå inn i nekte-modus. Det å nekte for noe som er opplagt at man gjorde er også typisk i en sånn situasjon. Det er ingenting som er teitere enn å nekte for noe. Det kan man gjøre om til en humorserie.

Til tross for at jeg liker ideen om at man bruker en slik tittel for alt den er verdt. Og virkelig går inn for å være noe de fleste skulle ønske de IKKE var. Fordi alle som har vært med i Idol vil ikke være "Idol - (navnet)" mer. Altså; etter at de har vært med. De gjør alt de kan for å komme seg vekk i fra Idol-stemplet. Det har egentlig aldri vært et problem for meg siden jeg er en av de største under-doggene i Idols historie. (Taperen.) Men ingen er vinnere i det gamet uansett. ALLE blir tapere. Det er en tap-tap situasjon hvis du ikke er skapt for showbiz fra fødselen av. Noe ikke alle er. Hvis man er født til nettopp dette man har meldt seg på, (Det fødte "idolet") så finner man alltid en åpning. De fleste finner ikke en slik åpning etter å ha vært med på Idol. Desverre for de. De venter og venter på hjelp utenfra mens de dukker opp på "Skal vi danse". Hva med det de faktisk hadde tenkt? Oj, ja det var for vanskelig å få comeback. Med hendene bundet og kanskje munnen tapet igjen også er det ikke bare-bare. De er låst inne i et system som heter mainstreamen. De tenker ikke utenfor boksen de er fanget inn i. Og grunnene til dette er samfunnet. Janteloven. Vi gjør som alle andre. Vi lager musikk de fleste kommer til å høre på. osv. Fordi det må SELGE. Problemet med dette er at det aldri blir noen nyskaping. Jeg er for at:

Hvis man gjør som alle andre gjør man det FEIL!

"Bare vær sånn, du!"

Jeg velger derfor å ikke være med på ting som ikke passer meg. Til tross for at det kan ha springbrett-effekt. Grunnen til dette er at det de foreslår er IKKE meg. Jeg vil ikke være noen typisk norsk kjendis. (Jeg befinner meg i en annen verden og den verdenen finnes ikke på kartet.) Da hadde jeg vært med på Robinsonekspedisjonen (siden Christer Falck ringte meg ang. det i 2014.) Og da hadde jeg også nylig vært med i Almaas sitt nye talkshow. Som jeg ikke vet hva heter en gang, da jeg ikke ser det og ikke har TV. Jeg har valgt å ikke ha TV. Dette er fordi det handler om å ikke få lov å velge hva man ser på. Man kan bytte kanaler, men likevel er valgene meget begrenset. For meg er det viktigst å få gjort ting som jeg vil. Og får jeg det ikke som jeg vil så er det bedre at det aldri blir gjort. Jeg har ikke noe ønske om å rote bort livet mitt på unødvendigheter. Hvis vi hadde snakket mer om Idol Mali på en måte jeg ikke liker at det blir snakket om på, så hadde jeg ikke fått det som jeg vil. (Snakk om å gjøre seg selv vanskelig. Jeg hører det selv også noen ganger.) Jeg husker at noen ble sint en gang fordi jeg ikke ville jobbe med de. En sjelden gang har jeg fått henvendelser som kunne tatt av. Et par ganger per år (eller per to år.) "Bare vær sånn du, og sjekk hvor mange som vil jobbe med deg (ha deg.)" Da har vedkommende misforstått fordi jeg vil ikke samarbeide med noen så lenge det ikke passer formelen min. Jeg ville ikke sende i fra meg lydfiler til denne personen som hevdet å ha flere låter på Spotify med ei dancegruppe. Jeg kan gjøre alt dette selv om jeg vil. Og jeg bør ha låt på Spotify nå. Jeg sendte den avgårde, noe som er en prosess. Har ikke sjekket om den har blitt listet opp der. Hvorfor sende avgårde en låt til Spotify hvis jeg ikke bryr meg? Det er fordi jeg meldte opp låten min til masseutsendelse. (Masseutsendelse er bra. Man vet aldri hvem som får opplevelsen av å høre låta "Free". (Låta kan høres HER.) Jeg håper vedkommende får en akutt følelse av frigjøring. Jeg er mye mer opptatt av tilfeldighetene, som ikke er tilfeldige i det heletatt. Merkelige synkronisiteter (skjebnen.) Heller dette enn det å virkelig gå inn for å være en kjent artist/kunstner.
(I mitt tilfelle har det alltid vært skuespill (komedie) som er min greie. Musikk er for ensformig for meg. Jeg må kombinere alt jeg evner til å gjøre.) Men skjer det ikke, så skjer der ikke. Og skjer det, så skjer det. Bare fordi man gjorde ting akkurat slik man gjorde. Nemlig det å ikke gå så hardt inn for det, foruten det å gjøre noen grunnleggende grep (ellers vil det aldri skje) som f.eks det å lage en låt, en video, et blogginnlegg, et manus, slik at skjebnen får muligheten til å ta oss dit vi skal, og da synes jeg man godt kan sette på kaffen i mellomtiden. (Noe jeg gjør nå før jeg skriver videre.)

Etter å ha tenkt (mens jeg stod og målte opp hvor mye kaffe jeg trenger i kasserollen min) så har jeg kommet frem til at; akkurat de siste par linjene fra det siste avsnittet over kan man kanskje ta med ei klype salt og heller gjøre en liten innsats. Men ikke anstreng deg for hardt! Ikke PRESS det frem! Det må komme naturlig. "You can`t hurry art", sier de. Fagfolkene. Ingen er mere enig i det enn meg. Jeg har brukt elleve år på å finne ut hvem jeg er. Etter det med Idol. Jeg har funnet ut (ikke ulikt det Jim Carrey har funnet ut om seg selv) at karakteren jeg spilte ikke eksisterer mer. Så den personen dere trodde var Idol Mali eksisterer ikke mer. Desverre. Det var ikke en person men en rolle. Og derfor "E itj Idol Mali mæ". Det var bare atomer som krasjet med hverandre i atmosfæren da jeg meldte meg på Idol den gangen. Det ble kortslutning og ikke akkurat helt som planlagt, men nå har atomene krasjet igjen, og hvem vet hva som skjer nå? Men hovedsaken er at de krasjer. Atomene må konstant kollidere. Man må både se og føle at det flasher rundt seg, som i en skikkelig blitzkrieg. Da er man inne i en meget god periode. 

Jeg kan ha i pose og sekk

Hvis jeg skal lage mer musikk, så skal jeg utgi det gjennom mitt eget selskap. Som består av meg. (Hvem andre? Her får man ikke akkurat inntrykk over at jeg har planer om noen samarbeidspartnere.) Jeg skal spre det glade budskap så lenge det ikke er anstrengende og går utover formelen som jeg snakket så varmt om. Hvor musikken min havner, vet da ikke jeg. Får bare visjonen om at noen vasker bilen sin (ei gul boble) med musikken som jeg har lagd. Det skurrer kraftig på høytallere som er i fra 80 tallet. Skum over panseret på den bilen. Som et bonderomantisk bilde i sepiafarger. Og ei dame i sin beste alder som roper i bakgrunnen "Senk volumet!". Og da skal ikke låta så langt, for da skal den til Leinstranda. Fineste bygda i verden. Hvor den ellers havner? Det vet da ikke jeg. Mainstreamen som får den uansett. Men det sier jo litt også om mine ikke-mainstreame ambisjoner. Jeg er tilhenger av YouTube til alt. Og etterhvert dette domenet malisuniverse.com. Jeg vil nok gjøre bloggen om til en hjemmeside etterhvert. Nei, det ble feil. Jeg skal ha blogg OG hjemmeside. Jeg kan ha i pose og sekk. Man KAN gjøre ALT SELV! Og man BØR det. Klarer du ikke å gjøre alt selv og må ha hjelp i fra produsenter, plateselskap og alle disse som vil ha pengene dine, så er det kanskje best å bare legge planene på hylla og gjøre noe du faktisk kan gjennomføre. Ergo; det er ikke meningen du skal gjøre det. Fordi løsninger kommer til de som søker løsningen. Du vil også natulig ha de evnene som trengs. Man bør aldri gi fra seg noe. (Som f.eks lydfiler, videoklipp eller bilder.) Jeg tror de fleste som er kreative (kunstnere o.l) kjenner seg igjen i dette som jeg sier nå; med en gang noen tar i ditt produkt er det nærmest ødelagt om du ikke har nærmest 90% kreativ kontroll på det du har lagd.

Idol Mali e itj mæ

Husk: Dette er DITT LIV. Idol Mali er min kreasjon (i et samarbeid med en venninne.) Jeg vet at dette ikke er noen big deal for folk, og sikkert teit for mange. Det er ikke poenget. Jeg gjør ting som jeg vil og har et tunnelsyn. Heldigvis inkluderer tunnelsynet mitt andre mennesker og er ikke av den slemme og egosentriske sorten. Jeg bruker sunn fornuft. (Nei, jeg har ingen diagnoser da jeg har vært i gjennom dette også. Jeg fikk dokumentert ADD en gang i min fortid. Fordi jeg VILLE ha en diagnose. (Hvordan fabrikere en diagnose? Bare si det de vil høre. Eller ikke vil høre. Alt ettersom. Det var forenelig med det humøret jeg hadde den dagen. ALT er situasjonsbetinget. Det var situasjonsbetinget for meg den gangen, og jeg vil IKKE anbefale noen å gjøre det samme. Jeg bare beskriver hva jeg gjorde i en presset situasjon.) Hvorfor ville jeg ha en diagnose? Det er mye lettere å bli forstått da. "Konsentrasjonssvikt!", sa jeg. Selfølgelig konsentrerer man seg ikke når man ikke er interessert. Jeg bruker ikke tid på det jeg ikke er interessert i. En ny psykolog nå nylig fortalte meg at han ikke syntes det virket som om jeg hadde denne diagnosen likevel. (Gikk til utredning p.g.a jeg er i Nav-systemet og det fører ofte til at man blir henvist til psykologer. (Hahah! Den var nesten litt bra! Det er nå hvertfall sant i mange tilfeller.)

Ikke la noe eller noen stoppe deg i fra å realisere noe av det du ønsker. Jeg kan kanskje høres ut som den staeste og vanskeligste personen som har bevegd meg på jordas overflate. Og ja, du har rett. Men det er slik man må være. Man må vite hva man vil. Alltid. Viljen skal vise veg og du skal oppnå store ting. Kanskje de ikke oppleves store for andre, men for DEG er de store begivenheter. Og det kan være helt enkle ting i livet.

Derfor lagde jeg denne serien. "Idol Mali e itj mæ" (Allerede i går. Det tar ca. en time å gjøre slike ting for meg. Inkludert redigering. Faktisk veldig fort. (Men dette var veldig tilfeldige videoer som jeg ikke gikk inn for å lage. Veldig akutt. Sangen og, bare spilte rett inn. Ikke et ekte FORSØK. Et ekte forsøk bør man bruke noen dager på.) Men her er poenget mitt: De ting du har lettest for å gjennomføre er ofte de ting du skal gjøre i livet. Det er måten du finner det ut på. Hva kommer mest naturlig for deg? (Ja, bortsett i fra vanvittige sjuke ting, ja. Men det er ikke de tingene jeg tenker på nå. Til tross for at disse videoene jeg lagde nå nylig er galskap så det holder. Et eksempel på en av disse videoene kommer på slutten av innlegget.)

Når jeg får være meg selv koser jeg meg med kaffe i mellomtiden. (Når kaffekokingen ingen ende tar så vet man at "Nå er Mali inne i en god periode". Okay, dette er noe jeg forsøker å avvenne meg med.) En god periode er når man hører på englemusikk og synger "Ahhhh". En spirituell opplevelse. (Minus det med englemusikk. Men ja, det er en euforisk opplevelse.) Da er jeg i min egen verden. Dette er de enkle ting i livet. Det kan hende du synes det er rare ting. Det skal jeg ikke nekte for. Men for meg er det naturlig å ikke gjøre som alle andre. Jeg har PRØVD! Det er ikke det jeg er skapt til. Og etter å ha vært gjennom det jeg kaller en tvangsopplevelse; gå i gjennom livet og ikke skape, ikke være kreativ, miste seg selv på vegen mot stupet. Det er DA man innser at man ikke har noe valg her i livet. Man MÅ gå med rettet rygg, skylapper og ikke høre på noe eller noen som har som ønske å forandre på deg. Da det aldri kan skje uansett. Du har et mål og det er ikke alltid sikkert du vet hva målet er, men du følger intuisjonen og ender opp der intuisjonen tar deg.

Avlutter med noen bilder i fra den kommende serien min. Bildene og serien skal være veldig realistisk og ikke noe restylan - og rosablogger-preg her.  (De færreste er jo egentlig sånn. De fleste er jo naturlige folk.) Jeg er rett i fra landet. Hillbillyer finnes utenfor Trondheim, det skal jeg love deg. Og kanskje skal vi undersøke fenomenet nærmere. Ofte har prosjektene mine vært døgnfluer; jeg sletter de så fort jeg publiserer de. Så jeg vet ikke hva dette fører til heller.


 Det er en dag i morgen også.

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